Coming off of a [unwarranted] DM message I got on insta which left me feeling less than stellar, I thought it would be fun to spread some kindness and love in the new year! This world needs a lot more of it lately! By definition, a random act of kindness is when you do something nice to or for someone, typically a stranger {but not always}, to bring that person happiness and without ever wanting anything back in return.

It could really be anything – such as giving a compliment, bringing someone a small gift, or doing a good deed like opening the door for the mom with a stroller who is struggling on her own. I looked it up and studies actually show that doing good releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in your brain. Also, it lowers stress levels tremendously and generates feelings of satisfaction and gratitude. There is even a link between giving and a lower risk of early death!! In addition, doing simple random acts of kindness promotes intrinsic happiness overall and a better attitude in life.

So, I don’t know about you but I am here for that!!

Let’s not forget that it can have a ripple effect by inspiring others to pay it forward. This is also a great life lesson to teach our kids who are watching our every move. If they see us being kind to others, it’s the hope that they will grow up to be the same way!

With all that said, below, I’m sharing 30 simple {+ unique} random acts of kindness that make a big impact!

1. Compliment someone who you don’t know or just met.

2. Keep a marker and some post-it notes in your car, and every now and then, write a nice note to someone and stick it on their parked car window.

3. Leave water or snacks out for your mail + package delivery men and women.

4. Offer to get your neighbors’ mail when you know they are going out of town.

5. If you have time on your hands while at the grocery store checkout and can afford someone to go ahead of you in line, offer him or her the opportunity!

6. Hold open the door for a stranger when you can {even if they are capable of opening it on their own!}

7. Tape a $1 bill to the next vending machine you come across.

8. Surprise your neighbors {or even the fire station or police station!} with a fresh-out-of-the-oven batch of cookies! For some of our cookie recipe faves, click here.

9. Say bless you when you hear a stranger sneeze!

10. Pay for the coffee order of the car behind you in the drive-thru line!!

11. See a cute couple or family out together? Offer to take their photo with their phone!

12. Certainly, when moms get sick, we all know that the whole family suffers! Email over a Door Dash, Grub Hub, or Uber Eats gift card to the family of your sick mom friend – it will help tremendously! OR have your kids make her cards {which is free and see sweet!}

13. Happily let another driver merge into your lane on the road! Send a wave!

14. Take your kids with you to donate things in the home {I wrote an entire blog post sharing 5 incredible nonprofit organizations to donate things to in the Chicagoland area – read it here!}

15. The next time you come across a child selling lemonade in the neighborhood, stop and buy it!!

16. See litter on the ground? Pick it up and throw it out!

17. The next time you’re out at a restaurant and you loved your waiter or waitress, let the owner or manager know!!

18. If someone asks you for a favor {which is typically never easy for most people to do}, make it work happily!!

19. Send your child to school with a small gift for his teacher {perhaps he or she could help pick it out!} JUST BECAUSE!

20. If you’re seated in public and you can tell someone else is eyeing your chair, offer it to them if you don’t mind standing!

21. Send a blogger/influencer or just anyone you follow on social media a note telling them why you love following them and how you found them! {I know I would appreciate this!!!}

22. Donate one thing from your closet with every new piece of clothing you purchase! Click here for places to donate in the Chicagoland area!

23. Invite the new family who just moved to your town over for dinner! Or ask to go out for dessert together after dinner.

24. The next volunteer opportunity that comes up, say yes! OR seek out your own opportunity at a local nursing home or homeless shelter.

25. Write a positive online review about a restaurant you love!

26. On vacation? See something that reminds you of someone from home? Bring it back for them!

27. Bake something really well? Have a friend who is obsessed with said something? Randomly make it for them and leave it at their door! {I’ve done this a few times for my friends who LOVE my banana bread!!!}

28. Have your kids write notes to their friends about why they like being friends with them and then hand deliver to their mailbox or front door!

29. Help a neighbor bring in their trash bins! Or randomly bring them up from the bottom of their driveway to the top!

30. Smile at a stranger!!!!!! Instant mood lifter for both of you, promise! {this one is my favorite and something I do often haha!!}

More Fun Stuff!

PS if you’re wondering about that playmat above that Demi is laying on, it’s my single-handed favorite baby thing we have! Check it out here.


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