I don’t know about you, but in my kid’s school classrooms, candy valentines are a thing of the past! To be honest, I’m not mad about it. With that said, while most years I am TOTALLY that mom who goes to the store to buy a box of Valentine’s Day cards for my kids to give out to their friends, this year, I’m patting myself on the back for being relatively pro-active about their Valentine’s and MUCH more creative! We are actually going to do something cute!

What? Well you’ll have to follow me on insta to find out but I scoured the internet, *cough* I mean Pinterest {ps do you follow me on Pinterest?!?! …because if not, you should!!}, and found 15 seriously ADORABLE do-it-yourself valentines options NOT INVOLVING CANDY for your kids to give to their classmates/besties/cousins/etc. These won’t break the bank and are actually EASY to create! Each of these simple ideas also come with the cuuuuutest *free* printables! Check them out below!

ExSTRAW Special Valentine’s

the best non-candy valentine's
Shop love straws HERE

High Five Valentine’s

non-candy valentine's ideas
Shop hand clappers HERE

Pop-It Valentine’s

the best non-candy valentine's ideas
Shop pop-it key chains HERE

Popcorn Valentine’s

the best non-candy valentine's day ideas
Shop mini popcorn bags HERE

PS this one isn’t candy but it is food but I think it’s okay because they can’t open or eat the bag at school! You need a microwave at home for that!

Slime Valentine’s

valentine's ideas
Shop containers of glow-in-the-dark slime HERE {so you don’t have to make it yourself!}

Sunglasses Valentine’s

easy valentine's ideas
Shop heart-shaped sunglasses HERE

Bubble Valentine’s

the best non-candy last-minut valentine's ideas
Shop bubbles HERE

Word Find Valentine’s

free printable valentine's ideas
Shop cute Vday pencils HERE

Play-Doh Valentine’s

the best DIY valentine's ideas
Shop Play-Doh HERE

Glow Stick Valentine’s

easy non-candy valentine's ideas
Shop glow sticks HERE

I’m Stuck On You Valentine’s

quick & easy valentine's day ideas
Shop cute band-aids HERE

Fruit Valentine’s

the best valentine's ideas
Shop fruit HERE or head to your local super market ;)

Color Your Heart Out Valentine’s

non-candy valentine's ideas
Shop crayons HERE

You Rule Valentine’s

easy DIY valentine's ideas
Shop colorful rulers HERE

FUN FACT: I actually made a version of these while I was still teaching for my first-grade students one year! I even posted the finished product on my insta {see them here!}

I’m Stuck on You Valentine’s

the best valentine's day ideas
Shop fun glitter heart stickers HERE

{all images and crafts found via Pinterest}

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