In a few short months everyone is going to be discussing COOKIES. Why, you ask? Because the holidays are coming up and calories don’t count in October, November, and December, am I right? Well, I don’t know about you but I think about cookies year round and believe that there’s never a bad time to bake or eat them!! They’re worth the calories no matter what time of year it is. Yes, I really just said that out loud and I don’t care if you’re rolling your eyes! {hopefully you’re not and are in the same camp as I am!!!}

I’d like to say that I’m writing this blog post to get ahead of the cookie making game for the holidays but actually, over the past decade I’ve already made every single one of these recipes that I’m about to share!! I first found them all via Pinterest and not only did I pin them to my own boards {do you follow me?? If not, you MUST!!!}, but I’ve also made them time and time again. With my favorite gluten-free flour of course. Each cookie, without fail, has come out PERFECTLY and I wanted to share because I know you will love them all!!

So, whether you’re craving something that’s savory, sweet, chocolaty, gooey, soft, easy to make, no bake, something pretty to look at, or even a cookie on the healthier side, there’s a recipe here calling your name. PROMISE. See for yourself below:

1. Potato Chip Cookies

OMGGGGG!!!! These are the perfect combo of sweet + salty. They are INCREDIBLE.

2. Super Soft Sprinkle Pudding Cookies

These are as yummy as they are pretty!

3. Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

These scream the holidays + wintertime! But they are perfect for year round!

4. Brownie Chip Meringues

Be careful, these are ADDICTING! Though, they are also one of the healthiest cookies on this list {can you believe that they’re naturally gluten-free?!} so you can indulge and feel good about it!

5. No Bake Cookies

Also known as NO BAKE HEAVEN ON EARTH. Period. The end.

6. The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seriously the best!!! And I have tried them all. This recipe has stuck with me!!

7. Maggiano’s Lemon Cookies – A Copycat Recipe!

Way way way way way {read: a thousand times} better than they look. Trust me on this one.

All* cookie photos + recipes were found via Pinterest
*All but the Potato Chip Cookie photos, which were taken by ME!! Brody and I made them over the weekend!

So yeah, go ahead and try your hand at one of these recipes today with the kids {best lazy day activity + you’ll win the best mom everrrrr award}, try another one over the holidays for your family party {get excited to be the favorite sister/daughter/aunt/niece/etc!!}, whip up a batch for your new neighbors {you’ll be the talk of the town!!}, or just make one of the recipes for yourself, hide them in your secret spot and don’t tell a single soul {no judging here!!}

Be sure to PIN this post so you have it saved for all those future cookie making endeavors. Because let’s be honest, when you get the itch to bake some of the most amazing cookies in the world, you will NEED this post at your fingertips. Feel free to also email it to yourself or to your friends and fam! Be sure to use the pink buttons directly below this post to assist!!

Which cookies are you most likely to try and tackle first? Can’t wait to hear!! Xo

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