Park life is the best life!! Am I right or am I right?! And because my kids are park-obsessed, I try to take them to as many different parks in the area as I can! I don’t want them to get bored of going to the same ones over and over and frankly, I don’t want to be bored at the same parks either! #justbeinghonest Anyways, it’s fun to switch it up and explore more than just the park in your hood!!

With that, we’ve been to our fair share of parks in the area and I thought I would share with you our favorites! But don’t delay, as you probably will want to check them all out sooner than later!!! Sadly, {and I hate to be the one to point this out} the weather isn’t going to stay this perfect forever. So continue reading below to make the most out of the next few weeks while it’s still sunny and warm!

Kennedy Park in Highland Park, IL.

Located @ 850 Clavey Road

Our most favorite park of all and the one we are at the most! Besides for living close, it’s sand-free {HUGE sell for me, lol!}, only a year-old so the equipment is basically brand new, and there are no wood chips. Just make sure to bring water because there is none available.

Brown Park in East Highland Park, IL.

Located @ 563 Washington Pl

Before Kennedy Park was built, this is where we loved to go. It’s next to a train station {hence why a lot of people refer to it as ‘The Train Park’} so the kids have fun watching the trains go by! It’s also fenced in which I love for safety reasons, of course!

Central Park in Downtown Highland Park, IL.

Located all The way East on Central Rd.

This park is a hidden gem! While it does have wood chips on the ground, for some reason they don’t bother me there. This park is small enough to keep an eye on all your kiddos but also has so many fun things to it that they will never get bored!

Jewett Park in Deerfield, IL.

Located @ 836 Jewett Park Drive

This park is currently in the middle of construction, however, they have already redone a portion of it and it’s awesome! While the area that’s completed is probably best for the littles, it’s fenced in and has grass turf on the ground. And right now, there is construction going on all around it so if you go, that’s another form of entertainment in itself! I was just there and Levi was laser focused on all the excavators, dump trucks, and cranes hard at work!

Jackman Park in Downtown Glenview, IL.

Located @ 1930 Prairie St

Oooo this is a fun one! While it’s not fenced in completely, it’s huge and wonderful for the big kids and little kids alike. My suggestion is to go here, walk to Grandpa’s Place for lunch, head to The Dairy Bar for a nice dessert, and stop into Joe’s Donuts and grab some donuts to-go. It’s all walkable from the park and makes for the most perfect day!

Hubbard Woods Park in Winnetka, IL.

Located @ 939 Old Green Bay Rd

Ahhh we love Hubbard Woods Park! It’s completely manageable with two kids and has a splash pad area for those HOT HOT days!! Plus, they offer really nice bathrooms, too. Once Upon A Bagel is right next it to if you want to eat lunch there and Graeter’s Ice Cream is across the street if you’re looking for a little dessert!

Friends Park in glencoe, IL.

Located @ 325 Tudor Ct

Friends Park is HUGE and one that you might want to go to with another adult if you have two kids with you! It’s so fun though and located right in the center of downtown Glencoe. There is lots to do {including getting messy in sand box, eeeks} and the kids love it!

Village green park in Northbrook, IL.

Located @ Shermer Road and Meadow Road

While this park is definitely on the older side, it’s a great one to stop at if you’re in the downtown Northbrook area. Graeter’s Ice Cream is across the street and there are also restaurants aplenty in the area.

The Playground at Westfield Old Orchard Shopping Mall in skokie, IL.

Located In Between Crate & Barrel and LL Bean in the shopping center – Mall address is 4905 Old Orchard Shopping Center

Ahhh, this park is a game changer for families shopping at Old Orchard! It’s the perfect place to let the littles move their legs if they’ve been in the stroller shopping around the mall with you. It’s also fun for all ages!

Centennial Park in North Highland Park, IL.

Located Before you hit centennial ice area – the address to the ice arena is 3100 Trail Way

One of my favorite parks in Highland Park for a few reasons: no wood chips, it’s completely fenced in, there’s no sand area, and it’s spread out without being overwhelming! WE LOVE IT!

Little Bear Park in Glenview, IL.

Located @ Patriot Blvd & Chestnut Ave

Shopping at The Glen and your kids are itching for park play? Look no further! Steps away from there, this park is huge in a good way. There are different areas of the park – like a sand area, a splash pad, a nice regular park sans wood chips, some grassy hills to run around on, and they have water fountains and bathrooms too! It comes together so nicely. If your kids are good listeners and will stay in the area of the park you bring them to, then it’s totally manageable with one adult.

Do you have a favorite park in the local North Shore area? If so, did it make my list? Please share in the comments of this post! Also – any time I’m at these parks, I’m always posting on my Insta Stories – come follow me there if you don’t already =)

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Happy Parking! Xox

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  1. Brittany Dobslaf says:

    West Ridge Park in Highland Park :)

    • Dana Ivy says:

      Wait, Brittany! I literally was walking Brody into West Ridge today and noticed it!!!! Was talking to my mom friend about it and she said it’s awesome. Let’s meet there one day!!!

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