This is the time of year where my family and I love doing some special things for Hanukkah, and I wanted to share them with you. I’ve learned a lot from talking with other moms about their traditions, and I think we can all get inspired, no matter what we celebrate!

Some Hanukkah Background For You!

Hanukkah lasts for 8 nights, and each night is super special. We light the menorah together and say some nice prayers. The one thing about Hanukkah is that it falls at different times every year. Some years, we celebrate in November while other years, we celebrate in December. As a mom, my preference is later in the year so I have more time to think about gifts! Who can relate to that?! Haha! By the way, if you want to know the genius way that I gift Hanukkah presents each night with my family, check out this blog post to learn more about my Hanakkah gifting guide!

Real talk, first and foremost…

While I do love love love the holidays, I’m definitely not that mom who goes all out. Meaning, there are always a few things that I’ve never done but tell myself I’ll tackle next year…

  1. Decorating my home. I kinda sorta decorate but let’s be honest, not really. Is putting a few Hanukkah signs up from the Target dollar spot considered decorating? I say yes, some would beg to differ.
  2. Mailing out a holiday card… I actually have done this sporadically on and off in years past but let me tell you: it’s A LOT of work!! Some years, I’m up for that while other years I say no thank you!
  3. Inviting my girlfriends over for a gingerbread house making party. I’ve literally always wanted to do this, on a weeknight, once the kids are sleeping! But do I ever actually get my act together to pull it off? Nope.

Despite not being able to make time for these things during the holidays (one day, right?), I’m still always looking for new holiday ideas and to start new holiday traditions with my fam! Because aiming high is how I roll!!!!!

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Hanukkah Highlights: Creating Lasting Memories

There are three fun holiday things we do during the whole month of December…

Mensch on a Bench

We have the Mensch on a Bench, which is basically the Jewish version of Elf on the Shelf. It’s a new tradition for us as of this year but one that I know will STICK! There’s a book that goes with it which I imagine we’ll read every year on December 1 – or the night we take him out of our old Hanukkah storage bin! Brody named our mensch Ezra Daveed {insert laughing emoji here!!} and he moves around the house only at night. He literally comes alive!!! And goes to a different spot while we’re sleeping!! Ok ok, in all reality, this mama moves him and let me tell you, it’s a semi-pain in the butt to simply REMEMBER to move him and then to come up with a good spot for him to stay put, but it’s worth it!!!! Why?? Because it’s so flipping adorable and cute seeing the kids wake up and want to go look for him the first thing in the morning!! And during the day they treat him like another brother!! He has literally become apart of our family now!! I say that half joking hahaha.

We Set Up A Hanukkah Book Library In Our Home

And we read Hanukkah books every night before bed! Obviously you can do this no matter what you celebrate!

We eat Traditional Hanukkah Food

We eat lots of Latkes!! I get the Cauliflower Pancakes from Trader Joes because they’re gluten free and yours truly has a gluten allergy! They are so good and taste like the real thing!

Our Annual Hanukkah Traditions

Beyond the day-to-day, there are a few annual traditions that light up our Hanukkah season:

Hanukkah Party Extravaganza with Extended Family

Typically, my aunt hosts a big Hanukkah party with all our family. We eat yummy food and have a blast together. It’s a tradition we look forward to every year!

Gifts with a Twist: Clues and Surprises

Instead of regular gifts, our family does a fun game. We pick someone secretly, give them a $25 gift card, and a little $5 gift. We share clues, and it’s a guessing game until the big reveal. It’s so fun and keeps things interesting!

Hanukkah Bash With Friends

In years past, we’ve attending a Hanukkah party with friends. Lots of families come together, and we all bring food and do fun activities. The kids play The Dreidel Game with Gelt, Hanukkah Mad Libs, they did Hanukkah Crafts and Hanukkah Coloring Books, there were Hanukkah Photo Booth Props to take pics with, Hanukkah Bingo, and Hanukkah TemporaryTattoos. It’s always a hit, and I hope this tradition sticks.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Adventure

During one night in December, we get the kids in their pajamas, grab some warm peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks, and drive around looking at holiday lights. The kids love it, and it feels like a little adventure! By the way, if you live in Chicago’s North Shore, you should definitely take a look at my blog post about where to drive around for the best Holiday light neighborhoods and areas! I aim to update it every year!

Polar Express Train Ride

The Polar Express Train is a must, if there is one in your area! Even though it’s technically not Hanukkah related, don’t sleep on it because it’s fun for all during the holiday season. We take this opportunity to discuss other religions with our kids, and make it known that we can enjoy some Christmas festivities as well during this time of year. Meeting Santa, drinking hot chocolate, and singing carols can be fun even if you celebrate Hanukkah!

And there you have the rundown of our family’s Hanukkah traditions! I shared these ideas with the hope that they spark creativity for your own festive celebrations. May these simple yet heartwarming traditions inspire moments of joy and connection in your family. Whether big or small, the magic lies in the shared experiences that make the holiday season truly special. Here’s to creating lasting memories filled with love and laughter! Happy Hanukkah, mamas!!


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