Getting outta town for a few days with your family is always a good idea, but it can also be HARD. Packing for your tiny people is a huge beast in itself, and then once you get to your destination, you’re most likely living on top of each other in your hotel room. Yes, it’s worth it times 1,000, but I am here to share 7 unique travel essentials that all moms should bring on their next family trip to make the difficult travel times just a little more pleasant! These are not your average travel essentials for women, so grab your travel packing list and read about them – in no particular order – below…

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri toilet sprays are essential when you only have one bathroom for the whole family to use! It truly works to eliminate bathroom odors before they begin, and your whole fam will thank you for bringing it! You might have to give your husband and kids a lesson on spraying it INTO the toilet bowl BEFORE going potty, but once they get the hang of it, everyone’s noses will be happy. Promise! Poo-Pourri comes in many different scents, and it’s made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Such a game-changer!

I highly recommend grabbing this Poo-Pourri travel pack which comes with 5 different scents to try out!

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

EZ Packing Cubes

EZ Packing Cubes are not just ANY packing cubes. They are 100% most definitely the best packing cubes on the market. Yes, you can buy inexpensive ones on Amazon {I did that at first}, but you’ll quickly learn that’s a huge mistake – zippers will brake, and you’ll be annoyed at how flimsy they feel. Don’t waste your money!!

EZ Packing Cubes are incredibly sturdy, made incredibly well, and they are clear so you can see through them! We’ve had ours for 7 years, and they all still look and feel new! My favorite thing about them is that, yes, they allow me to keep my luggage super organized, but also, once I get to my destination, unpacking is a cinch. I open each one, fold the top back and under and put them in the hotel drawers. Besides this taking seconds, my clothes aren’t touching the bottom of the drawers {which oftentimes are filled with dust}, and my stuff is kept organized!

They come in a bunch of sizes and colors! Everyone in my family has a different color! So it’s super easy to keep track of whose stuff is whose. My EZ packing cubes are pink, Brody’s are blue, Levi’s are green, Demi’s are burgundy, and Isaiah’s are black. You can buy them in sets, too! I suggest getting the complete bundle for adults, and the starter sets for the kids. If you ever need more, you can buy them via the website!

Use code DANAIVY on the EZ Packing website to take 15% off your order!! That’s an awesome deal!!!!

Your Favorite Portable Charger

If your phone is anything like mine and can’t hold a charge for the life of it, taking a portable charger on vacay is VITAL. I love my magsafe apple charger, but also, it’s nice to have a portable charger that has a bunch of different cable types for the different devices you bring with you. Sharing a few great portable chargers below!

Ziplock Bags

HOT TIP: throw a bunch of different size ziplock bags {snack, sandwich, and gallon} in a gallon-size ziplock bag! I promise they will come in handy. For snacks, for toys, for markers or crayons, and for so much more, too! You will be so happy you have them because you WILL use them!!!

Baby Wipes – Even If You Don’t Have A Baby

I started carrying baby wipes with me when my oldest was an infant, and I never stopped. Even for the few years when I didn’t have a baby! They come in handy during pretty much every outing we go on {on vacation and in our everyday lives at home}, whether it be a trip to get ice cream to wipe away those sticky fingers or a trip to the park after someone fell in the mud. Baby wipes are the master of all trades! Other uses include wiping up spills, taking off your make-up with them, cleaning surfaces at a restaurant before you sit down, and removing fresh stains that might happen! My favorite brand of wipes is from the Honest Brand, but Costco makes good ones, too, and you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Kitsch Ultimate Travel Pack for your Toiletries

The Kitsch Ultimate Travel Pack for your toiletries is everything you always wanted when you took your family on vacay in the past! Get one for yourself and one for the kids because it just makes traveling easier. I adore them for so many more reasons than their chic designs – though that is a huge plus IMO. This pack of travel toiletry containers meets TSA carry-on liquid requirements, is BPA-free and non-toxic, and each container is dishwasher safe for when you come home and want to clean them!

I should mention that there is a container for literally every face, skin, and hair product you can think of! The set includes a spray bottle, a pump bottle, 2 mini jars, 3 flat pouch bottles, 1 reusable travel pouch, and then a mini funnel, spatula, and pipette to get all your products in the containers easily!

Clorox Disinfecting Mist

Bring Clorox Disinfecting Mist on your next trip as a precaution! Because you never know when there is going to be someone in your family who might start to feel sick. Whether it be a cold, a cough, the stomach flu, or something in between, if you have a sick kid or adult in the group, while you’re all in the same hotel room {that’s more than likely a small space for everyone}, spray this disinfecting mist around the room and all the bedding and furniture like it’s your #1 job. Because I know your mama instincts want to keep everyone else in the fam healthy!!

I’m a big fan of this product in particular because it kills bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) on hard surfaces and soft surfaces, plus it deodorizes too. I also appreciate it’s an aerosol-free continuous mist that delivers even coverage with no wiping down required. You literally spray and walk away! The best!! PS – put it in a ziplock bag before throwing it in your luggage, just in case it leaks out of the bottle!

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