Who else religiously gets their nails done every other week? Let’s be honest, this tiny bit of pampering makes a big difference in my life and I will continue doing it until I can’t anymore! Not only do I love getting my nails done, but I love thinking up and Pinterest researching nail designs for short nails, since that’s what I have! Usually the end result is reflective of the mood I’m in at the time of getting my manicure and typically, I’m all about keeping my designs fun, fresh, chic, and modern! Make it be known: nail designs for short nails don’t have to be cheesy!!

Short Nails, Big Possibilities

Now, I know some of you might be wondering, “But how are you able to recreate the current trendy nail designs on your short nails?” I get it, because most of the time, the hand models we see have longgg tips. And my response is that it’s easy!!! Short nails are great for trying out different designs too, and I’m here to give you all the nail designs for short nails inspo!!

You Can’t Go Wrong with Vibrant or Neutral Nails

With all that said, one week I might go for vibrant and colorful patterns. Think neon stripes, glitter gradients, or even hand-painted mini designs like hearts of stars. These designs are the most perfect and fun way to add some personality to my busy mom life. Then, the next week, I might go for something more neutral. But that doesn’t mean boring! I like trying ombre effects, chrome nails, metallic accents, or even classic French manicures with a twist.

The Way You Cut Your Nails is Important Too

By the way, the reason I have to keep my nails short is because, well, let’s just say little kids and sharp nails don’t mix well! But that doesn’t stop me from having fun with the latest trends or ideas I come up with on my own. And in addition to playing around with the actual nail polish design, I also like to play around with how they’re cut. Right now, I’m really into the oval tip nail trend which I find to be chic and versatile, plus, it helps elongate the look of my short nails. In years past, I rocked a square round tip and even just a square tip and I still love the look of both of those, too!

Nail Designs for Short Nails Inspiration Coming In HOT…

So, whether you have short nails like me or just want some fun and chic nail design inspiration no matter how long your nails are, you’ve come to the right blog post. Let my nail designs for short nails speak for themselves…

Pink with Bright Yellow Stars

Black and White Diagonal Block

Some People Call them Cat-Eye Nails; Others Call them Velvet Nails

Zebra, but Make it Chic

Mirrored Nails are the G.O.A.T

Colorful Waves

Hot Pink on Light Pink French Manicure

Pink and White Ombré

Sky Blue Chrome

Geometric Vibrant Lines

Pattern Mixing with Similar Colors

Classic Chrome Nails

Matte Nails with Geometric Lines

Blue Flowers + French Nails

The Sweetest Daisy’s

Black Matte + Shine

Romantic Nails

Shades of Purple Matte Nails

Brown Chrome Screams Fall

Pink French with Hearts is Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Gold Chrome French is FIRE

Peach French

Neutral Diagonal Block

Chic Pink Check

Yellow and Baby Pink Daisies

Black, White, and Silver Foil

BIG shout-out to my incredible manicurist who these designs would not have come to life without! Thank you Divine Nails for your creative and perfectionist ways!! You are a true artist and I am lucky to have found you!!


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