Ever wondered how to get your kids to open up about their day at school? It’s all about asking the right questions! After years of teaching my own elementary-aged classroom to momming my own pre-school and elementary aged kids, I recognize every child is unique, and some might be more tight-lipped than others. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 30 purposeful and very specific critical thinking questions for kids for you to ask them after their school days! I promise these Qs will elicit those genuine responses that’ll have your once-quiet kiddos sharing all about their days!

Basically, I’ve got your back regarding those post-school talks. Let’s dive in…

General Questions

  1. What’s the coolest thing you learned today? Teach ME about it.
  2. How did you show kindness or help someone else today?
  3. Did anyone do something nice for you? Share the deets!
  4. Tell me about any awesome stories or books you read or listened to in class.
  5. Did you tackle something tricky? Spill the beans!
  6. Do you have a classmate who made you feel good about yourself today?
  7. What’s the one thing you learned you’re dying to know more about?
  8. Did you learn a new word today? Tell me what it is!!
  9. Did your teacher help you one-on-one today?
  10. Spill the beans on a moment that put the biggest smile on your face.
  11. Did your teacher drop any mind-blowing facts on you?
  12. Did you do any fun and creative artistic projects in the classroom? Tell me about them!
  13. Did you solve any brain-teasers or tricky problems today?
  14. Did you laugh about anything funny that happened today? I would love to know more about it!
  15. Was there an opportunity to work with a partner during school today?
  16. Share a moment when a classmate totally rocked your world.
  17. Did anything totally catch you off guard and surprise you?
  18. What specials did you go to today?
  19. What was your favorite subject today? Why?
  20. Is there anything else on your mind that you’re itching to chat about?

School Subject Questions

  1. Did you conquer any tricky math problems today? Show me your genius!
  2. Were there any cool science experiments that blew your mind in class?
  3. Tell me something that you found interesting about social studies today.
  4. Did you do anything tech-savvy today? Learn about any new apps?
  5. Did you get a chance to practice your handwriting or reading skills today?

Questions About Specific School Specials

  1. Any book recommendations from the library? I’d love to know your faves.
  2. What artsy masterpiece did you create today in art class?
  3. Did you learn a new song in music today? Can you sing it to me?
  4. Did you tackle any awesome challenges in PE that made you feel proud afterward?
  5. What did you do at recess today?

Why Asking the Right Questions Matters:

Asking the right questions isn’t just a routine chat—it’s a way of showing your kids that you truly care about their experiences. These critical thinking questions for kids open the door to their thoughts, feelings, and discoveries, creating a safe space for them to express themselves. By asking questions tailored to their age and interests, you create a bridge between the classroom and home, helping your kids process and reflect on their day.

I hope that you think of these critical thinking questions for kids as a way to provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child and encourage meaningful conversations as you uncover their days! Do not feel obligated to ask every single question every day, but instead, choose different questions from the list to use as a starting point for back-and-forth conversations with your children. They are true game-changers and will get your kids talking immediately!

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