I’m not gonna lie, I live for summer as a parent but fall has been my favorite season ever since I was a little girl! The crisp air, gorgeous leaves, and cozy vibes make it the time of year I look forward to most. And I also love decorating my house for it!! But, as you likely know, it can be tough to decorate for any season while you have little ones running around the house! That’s why I’m sharing a few easy tips and inexpensive fall decorating ideas for moms who want to make the transition from summer to fall as smooth as possible. These are my no-fuss + budget-friendly suggestions and trust me when I say they are GOLD.

1. Switch Up Throws and Cushions

Change out your light summer throws and cushions for warmer ones in earthy tones. Opt for soft materials to really achieve that “fall vibes” goal. Bonus: The kids will be pumped for new blankets and pillows to make forts with!

2. Let There Be Layers

Fall means layering, not just with clothes but with your decor, too! Find a few inexpensive textured rugs (my fave place to look is At Home) and lay them over the ones you already have. Swap out your curtains for thicker ones that will make your house feel warmer (literally and figuratively) and infuse some extra coziness into your space. Have the kids help you choose your new fall layers and where they should go around the house!

3. Set the Fall Mood

Lay out some fall candles and set up an aroma diffuser with your favorite fall scents – think cinnamon, apple, and nutmeg. Both create the perfect ambiance for family time and instantly lift everyone’s mood!

4. Table Revamp

Swap your bright placemats for deeper shades and add some faux fall leaves to your table setting set-up for a touch of nature indoors.

5. DIY Nature Walk Treasures

Got little explorers? Take them on a nature walk to collect pinecones, leaves, and small branches. Use these treasures to create a simple but stunning dining table or living room centerpiece. And here’s a fun fall activity: Have your kids glue their treasures together into a nice decor cluster before letting them dry and later, placing them strategically around the house!

6. Pumpkins Galore

It’s pumpkin season, mamas!! Get a bunch of pumpkins in varying sizes and colors. Let your mini artists go wild painting them (FYI we use washable paints), turning these pumpkins into unique pieces of art that can proudly sit on your porch or windowsill.

7. Cozy Nooks for Storytime

Help your kids create a reading nook in each of their rooms that’s as comfy as it is cozy. Throw in some plush cushions, a snuggly blanket, and a basket full of fall-themed books. It’s the perfect spot for quality storytime with your kids, especially before you wind down for bed!

8. Rich-Colored Floral Arrangements

Swap out your summery and bright-colored floral arrangements that are already around your house for rich-colored autumn ones. You can even have your kids go outside and cut some fall flowers from your garden, then put them all together to make a beautiful DIY flower vase masterpiece. If your kids are old enough, have each child make their own floral vase to keep in their bedrooms and give them the task of watering and caring for them.

So there you go – my go-to tips for a fall-ready home that won’t stress you out or break the bank! I’m telling you, inexpensive fall decorating ideas can still make a big impact! Embrace the cozy, make memories, and enjoy this beautiful season with your little ones. Fall is truly the best!

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