As a mom of three, I know the struggle of small bedroom organization. The desire to keep my kids’ small rooms in order and maximize every square inch of space while making sure their things are tidy and accessible felt like a pipe dream, especially because I had no idea where to start! Before Lauren Spehr of the Neat Method North Shore entered into my life, legos seemed to multiply underfoot, stuffed animals where everywhere, and my kids’ closets transformed into mysterious black holes where good clothes went to die (never to be seen again – ugh!!)

As hard as I tried to organize their bedrooms, closets, and drawers, the end results were never quite IT. But thanks to the wisdom of Lauren, I’ve discovered that small bedroom organization isn’t just about decluttering—it’s about creating harmony in our homes and simplifying our lives as busy parents. Because getting our homes in order goes way beyond aesthetics. It creates a ripple effect, making everything in our mom lives a little bit easier – trust me on this one!!!

With that said, I enlisted the genius of Lauren to share with all of us her top tips for small bedroom organization, including conquering closet chaos and ensuring your kids wear the clothes they have! I truly believe that these game-changing tips will transform your kids’ bedrooms into organized havens in no time! Yessss! Let’s hear what she has to say below…

Unlock small bedroom organization mastery with these 5 expert tips for optimizing your kids' spaces, with a focus on their closets!

1. Implement a “too small” bin in every kids’ closet 

It’s the perfect way to ensure your kids aren’t wearing ‘floods’ to school! We also let kids know that they can place any items that aren’t their style in that bin too.  Bonus tip: ideally, this bin is stored on an upper shelf so no items are accidentally dropped in. 

2. Ensure “everyday” clothes are in the dresser

If you have a dresser and a closet, we recommend having everything your kids need to get dressed for the day and is ‘play date approved’ in the dresser. Save the closet for more specialized clothes such as fancier items or uniforms and out of season items. Ideally, your kid will only have to go to one area to get dressed most days.

3. File fold all clothes

A file fold serves two purposes. First, it maximizes the space in your drawer or basket and you end up fitting more in (seriously, try it out!). Second, it makes it much easier to scan for the item you’re looking for, no more digging to the bottom to find the perfect t-shirt. NEAT even has a tutorial on how to file fold!

4. Utilize baskets instead of stacks on shelves

Baskets serve the same purpose as a drawer – they corral like items and make it super easy to access what you’re looking for. Stacks of clothing tend to be hard to keep looking NEAT, but a basket will hold everything together. Exceptions are made for sturdier items like sweaters or denim. 

5. Label everything

This is really a tip for any space! Labels help maintain a system! Keep your labels broad so they are sustainable as your kid grows – instead of labeling “soccer” on a bin you could consider labeling “sports” or “activities” in case your soccer star swaps over to basketball next season. 

Lauren’s Favorite Products to use for Small Bedroom Organization

NEAT Label Holder :: Literally works on every single bin or basket! 

Drawer Dividers :: Separate multiple categories in a drawer

Bin :: Our favorite for clothing!

Hangers :: Matching hangers save space and elevate the look space

Hanger Clips :: A great way to store sets + skirts

How brilliant are Lauren’s tips for small bedroom organization!!!! Remember, a little planning goes a long way. By implementing these ideas, you can create a functional and peaceful space for your kids to thrive. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on Lauren’s advice too – after all, you know your kiddos best! Now, it’s time to put these tips to the test and go forth and conquer those small bedrooms! If you have any questions or brilliant organization hacks of your own, be sure to let me know!! You can send me an Insta DM or leave a comment below. Happy organizing (and maybe even a little less daily outfit hunting frustrations!)

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Lauren can be reached via email at or via phone/text at 630-267-0277.


A while back, I reached out to Lauren and her awesome crew at Neat Method North Shore to help me sort out my kitchen! And let me tell you, the outcome was simply amazing – check out the incredible transformation in this post! But before you read it, you should know that even years down the line, my kitchen is still impeccably organized thanks to their incredible work!


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