True life: I am on an organization kick. For the past month, I’ve been organizing one small space a day in my house and it’s been unbelievably freeing. I can’t even tell you how great it feels to cross off these spaces from my list. And yes, while it’s an amazing feeling to do it yourself, sometimes a project is just too big or anxiety-ridden to tackle. That’s when I call in the professions. Enter Lauren + her team from the Neat Method North Shore!

The Backstory

It all started when my husband had the idea to turn this random closet we had in the hallway leading into our kitchen into another pantry in our kitchen. The closet was long and narrow and I truly had no clue how to use the space so over time we just stuffed random things in it. Not a good look.

We shifted the closet door from one wall to another, added shelving, and viola!!!!! We now have a nice, useable new pantry for our kitchen! But what to put inside of it was the question? When we first moved into our house, almost 5 years ago now, all the access stuff that didn’t fit in our kitchen was kept in boxes. Once we did our living room and dining room, I found a place for everything in the storage areas that were new to those rooms. But it was definitely organized chaos and not pretty at all.

Why I Called The Neat Method

I had used Lauren + her Neat Method North Shore team to tackle Demi’s closet and dresser drawers before she was born and I knew how amazing they were. They are literally a no-homework organization company who does it ALL. She brings all the organization supplies/bins or will head to the store to pick up what they need while they’re at your house. They leave you with a COMPLETED project and pride themselves on that. If you use them, you more than likely won’t have anything to do once they’re gone accept admire the fancy organization spaces you now have!

Can you say ahhhmazing!!! For me, this service of theirs is worth every penny. They also threw SO MUCH away, put all the trash bags in my big garbage can and anything in my donation pile, they left my house with to donate FOR me. I’m sure if you wanted to do it yourself you could but I truly wanted NO homework. And that’s what I got!

How They Did It!!!!

Step 1 was to take out every single item from all 3 spaces I had been using for the kitchen. They took out everything from every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen, everything that was in the dining room bar cart + buffet table, and everything that was in the two consoles in my living room.

Step 2 was to find the stuff I wanted to donate and/or throw away. My donation pile consisted of things like vases that I hadn’t used in years, and my throw away pile {which turned out to be like 10 trash bags worth of stuff – eeeeks} was a lot of expired food. Yep, guilty as charged. Ooops.

The organizers took it upon themselves to get rid of said expired food {thank goodness haha} but then they did call me in to ask me if there was anything else that I didn’t want. Let’s just say there was a lot I didn’t want. I’m actually really good of letting go of my sh*t haha.

Step 3 was to group like items together and decide where to put them.

Step 4 was to put everything away in their uber organized way, label bins and leave you to appreciate the perfection that these spaces have become!

Check Out The End Results

Ok, there’s no way that I was about to take before pictures because the spaces that they redid were actually too embarrassing. HA! But I’m all for an after picture so check out the final {crazy organized!} spaces below…

I meannnnn, just one wow isn’t enough! After seeing it for the first time, all that came to mind was WOW WOW WOWWW!! My kitchen is a real beaut now and I can’t get enough!!

HUGE thank you to Lauren and her team at the Neat Method North Shore! Like I said above, they are INCREDIBLE. Just so you know, this was not a sponsored post {and I paid with my own money for her services!} but I felt compelled to share the amazing job they did because it has been life changing!!!

An exclusive offer just for you!!

***With that, I am super pumped to let you know that Lauren is offering anyone who reaches out to her and mentions my name 10% off on their first organization project!!!!!! That is HUGE, you guys!! In full disclosure, she will give me $150 worth of gifted services for every new project booked from referrals but she does that for everyone. If you use her and love her and share with friends too, she will also do the same for you!*** Lauren can be reached via email at or via phone/text at 630-267-0277

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