It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a little digital decluttering!! In recent years, I started treating myself to a digital refresh as the calendar flips, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for my life and mind-set. Taking a bit of time upfront to tidy up my digital world seriously sets the tone for a more focused and fulfilling year ahead. That’s why I filed this blog post under the tag “self-care”… because in my mind, that’s what it is!! And if you’re coming across this post past the new year, then I’ll say this: if you’re feeling motivated to do it, then there is no better time than NOW to tackle digital decluttering! Whether you’re reading this in January or July, the end result feels damn good!!

With that, I’ve got a list of tricks up my sleeve that make this process a breeze, and I’m excited to share them all with you!! Trust me on this one, it’s like spring cleaning for your digital space – not the most glamorous task, but the results? THE BEST. So get ready to learn how this little ritual leaves me feeling lighter, brighter, and ready to tackle the year with a fresh perspective. I’m so excited to share with you all about the world of digital decluttering!

1. Clear Out Your Inbox: Unsubscribe Now

Your email inbox can easily become a chaotic mess of promotional emails and newsletters. Start your digital decluttering journey by bravely hitting the UNSUBSCRIBE button on unnecessary subscriptions. Free up mental space by eliminating messages from stores you no longer engage with nor add value to your life. Your inbox will thank you, and you’ll create room for the emails that truly matter.

2. Organize Your Memories: Put Your Photos in the Cloud

If your phone constantly reminds you that storage is full (Hello!! I’ve been there more times than I can count), it’s time to embrace the cloud. Personally, I swear by Dropbox and think it’s the easiest way to keep those precious photo memories. Transfer your photos to the cloud and take the bold step of deleting them from your phone. Not only will your device thank you, but you’ll also create a clean slate for new memories.

PS Dropbox is awesome because like the Photos App on your iPhone, you can search for photos using easy terms like “couch” or “August 2023”, etc. and the photos with those terms will pop up!! Download Dropbox here!!

3. Cloudify Your Computer Files

Extend the cleansing to your computer FILES. Once you’ve moved your photos to the cloud, now it’s time to move all your files to the cloud, and then, wipe your computer to its bare bones. Your devices will reward you with smoother and faster performances, ready to tackle whatever the new year throws at it. Again, I suggest keeping your files in Dropbox too, because of it’s the most user friendly and you can easily search your files as well with any search terms you think of!

4. Sort Your Email: Streamline and Organize

Returning to your email inbox after completing the unsubscribes, the next step is to comprehensively organize your emails. Establish folders, trash unread newsletters, and streamline the process of categorizing future emails. Want to go the extra mile? Optimize your inbox further by implementing email filters. Set up rules to automatically categorize incoming emails, directing them to specific folders based on sender, subject, or keywords. This additional step in optimization ensures that your inbox remains well-organized and efficiently managed, reducing the need for manual sorting and contributing to a more seamless digital communication experience.

5. Simplify Your Smartphone: Audit Your App Collection

Navigate through your phone and say goodbye to apps that you no longer use or have a need for. Decluttering your app collection frees up space directly on your phone, ensuring only the essentials remain. Experience improved speed and responsiveness! Your phone will thank you for the digital decluttering!

6. Social Media Cleanse: Unfriend and Unfollow

Your social media presence deserves a makeover too! Take a friendly look at your friends and followers, and let go of accounts that no longer match your interests. Unfriend and unfollow where needed, creating a digital space that feels true to you. This quick cleanup sets the stage for a more enjoyable and uplifting social media experience in the new year!!

7. Manage Your Subscriptions

Assess your subscriptions – are you paying for services you no longer use? It’s time to cancel unnecessary subscriptions. Because when digital decluttering also declutters your financial commitments, there is nothing better! Invest your hard-earned money on something that counts.

My Final Thoughts!

As you start cleaning up your digital life, keep in mind that the time and effort you put in now will make the coming year more focused, productive, and wayyy more digitally clear. Enjoy the process, and get set to dive into the new year with a fresh and organized digital space! It’s the best feeling ever!! Yay!!

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