If you’re anything like me, visiting the perfect coffee/juice/lunch spot is a complete mood booster for your day. After living in Chicago’s North Shore for over eight years now (not counting my childhood, lol) and growing accustomed to all the awesome cafes while living in the city of Chicago before moving here, trust me when I say I know the good spots. The ones with an amazing atmosphere, the best coffee, food… and overall vibe! Today, I’m spilling the coffee beans (haha, sometimes I make myself laugh with my one-liners) on my six favorite cafes on the North Shore. No joke when I tell you that I frequent each of them weekly. So, whether you need a caffeine boost, a cozy atmosphere, a place to work (Hi!!! It me!!!), or just a moment of tranquility, and whether you live locally or are just passing through, these coffee spots will not disappoint. That, I promise!

Hometown Coffee & Juice

Hometown is my home away from home. I live for their food and their coffee. I love its clean yet cozy feel and all the natural light that enters the restaurant. They have 3 locations that have the same wonderful and fresh vibe! It’s one of my favorite cafes on the North Shore! By the way, the outdoor area in their Glencoe location is my fave or all faves!

Favorite Food Menu Items: Hometown Salad, Berry Bowl, Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, and Scoop of Tuna with Chips
Favorite Coffee Order: Honey Cinnamon Oat Latte. I also love their Green Thumb Juice (pictured)

Towne & Oak

Towne & Oak is pure bliss. It feels like a downtown coffee place with its bright and airy aesthetic. It’s a great place to meet a friend for lunch and then stay afterward to do some work on your computer!

Towne & Oak Cafe in Winnetka, IL.
Lavender Latte at Towne & Oak Cafe in Winnetka, IL.

Favorite Food Menu Items: Greek Yogurt & Granola Bowl, Towne & Oak Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Crispy Smashed Potatoes, Maple Glazed Bacon
Favorite Coffee Order: Iced Lavender Latte (pictured)

Tala Coffee Roasters

Tala has the coolest vibe! Its soft lighting and woodsy decor make it cozy and warm. And the baristas take their job seriously. You can just tell! They don’t have a ton of food options, but I love to do work here or meet a friend for morning coffee in the winter.

Favorite Food Menu Items: Bobo’s Oat Bars and Gluten-Free Muffins (But if you’re not eating gluten-free, they have donuts from Gurnee Donuts)
Favorite Coffee Order: Iced Ube Latte (pictured)

Central Cafe

Central Cafe is just what downtown Highland Park needed. It’s connected to Harper & Ash, a home decor store, and you can go there for coffee and then walk around Central Ave and shop. I also love to work on my computer here for its brightly lit ambiance and friendly scene.

Favorite Food Menu Items: Cafe Cobb Salad, Pesto Caprese Sandwich (they sometimes have gluten-free bread!)
Favorite Coffee Order: Golden Latte (pictured in the iced version, but I actually like it hot more)

Starbucks Coffee Reserve

Talk about COZY. Starbucks Reserve is not your average Starbucks – with its plush furniture, warm fireplace, and serious Sbux Reserve menu; this place gives me all the feels. It’s a great spot to meet a group of friends for coffee after school drop-off, and it would also be a great place to go if you’re studying for something!

Favorite Food Menu Items: Kale & Mushroom Egg Bites
Favorite Coffee Order: I will defer to this post.

That Little French Guy

That Little French Guy is a true gem in the North Shore that makes you feel like you’re in France! The bakery is crave-able, and the whole vibe there is super quaint and delightful.

Favorite Food Menu Items: French Style Scrambled Eggs and their Macarons. Also, everyone I know is obsessed with their Fresh Baked Kosher Challah Bread.
Favorite Coffee Order: Regular Coffee! (except I only drink decaf ;))

Like Iced Lattes? (Who doesn’t?)

I’m sharing my 3 favorite iced coffees that I’ve been drinking for years!!! They are all insanely delicious and definitely worth a try!


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