As parents, our main job is to keep our kiddos safe, am I right? Well, brushing up on our water safety skills is always a good idea, especially knowing the scary statistic that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death in children ages 1-4. Today, I’ve partnered up with Banner Day Camp to provide you with 6 water safety tips to remember when bringing your kids to a pool {or a beach!} Because while it’s so fun to spend quality time together as a family in the water, we have to remember that as parents, we can play a crucial role in making sure our kids stay safe and happy!

Tip #1: Always watch your children in the water

Like a hawk. Do not keep your eyes off of them! Even for a second, and even when with lifeguards are present. If you have young kids, get in the water with them! Make safe memories together!

Tip #2: Floaties can give a sense of false security.

Make sure your children know where it is safe for them to swim and always keep your eyes on them. A floatie is never a substitute for a babysitter in the water!!

Tip #3: Take steps to make sure your children do not get too tired when swimming

Tired kids + the pool = a recipe for disaster. Take breaks, hydrate, and eat snacks pool side. Also, wear sunscreen to the pool + reapply every hour to 90 minutes.

Tip #4: teach your children that the closest wall could be behind them

If a child falls in the pool or jumps in knowingly, they typically see the wall in front of them {across the pool} and will start swimming to it for safety. But, in this case, we have to teach our kids that the nearest wall to make contact with is the wall he or she just fell off of or jumped into the pool from. Ultimately, there should be recognition that there is no reason to try swimming further than they are able when there is a side/wall closer to them.

Tip #5: Enroll your children in swim lessons

Consistent, daily swim lessons, like those offered at Banner Day Camp provide the most swim progress. The best way to prevent a water accident throughout life is learning how to swim. Find out more information about Banner’s swim program on their website, which has been expertly designed to allow for camper progress and success.

This post is in partnership with Banner Day Camp located in Lake Forest, IL. As always, all opinions are 100% honest, my own, and never influenced by the company. Thank you for supporting brands that make I Adore What I Love possible =)

Tip #6: Get in the water with your children

This water safety tip was briefly mentioned above but we’ve designated it as it’s own category just to reiterate it’s importance! Getting in the water with your kids helps children feel comfortable, become more confident and learn skills while playing with you!

Save and bookmark this post because these water safety tips just might save your child’s life.

My suggestion would be to come back and look at them at least once a month to re-educate yourself on what you need to do when taking your kiddos to the pool or beach!

Banner Day Camp is located at 1225 Riverwoods Rd in Lake Forest, IL. 60045. Camp tours are given year round! You can call to set up an appointment at 847.295.4900. Also – go follow them on Instagram HERE! And check out my other blog posts about the best camp on Earth! Read 9 reasons why we sent Brody to Banner Day Camp in the first place and listen to a phone conversation I had with the Owner/Executive Director of the camp, Stacy Schwartz Kotelov, and Co-Executive Director, Howard Thall. Also, learn about their incredible STARFISH program here!!!

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