All the Details of Where I Found Every Piece of Wall Art Hanging in my Modern Home

One of the questions I get asked most often is about the artwork on the walls in my house. It’s always a work in progress for me but I thought it would be fun to share with you the details to all the wall art hanging in my home that we have up currently. My husband and I value art and artists and while we are more than happy to spend a little more to buy a special piece directly from an actual artist, I like to mix high and low in all aspects of my life and the majority of wall art that I’ve invested in wasn’t wildly expensive. Even though it looks it!!

I do also want to mention that art is so subjective! Clearly, I go for more modern abstract pieces. That’s my style! I am incredibly pleased with all the current wall art pieces hanging up and in most circumstances, it was love at first sight before pulling the trigger and making the purchase. Because if you ask me, wall art is truly what makes a house a home!!! Shall we begin?

The Living Room

Photo Credit: VPG Photography

I adore our living room for it’s comfort and practicality yet it is clean and modern at the same time! Huge thanks to Brynn from Brynn Olson Design Group for helping us with the decor and layout of this room!

To hone in on the wall art in this room, because it’s a showstopper, you won’t believe that I actually bought one giant print and then had it cut into two. We framed them at our local frame store and hung them on the wall to fit the space perfectly. How cool is that?! I found the piece and knew I loved it and then it was all Brynn’s idea to have it cut and framed separately.

The Dining Room

Photo Credit: VPG Photography

My dining room is one of my favorite places in my home because I did it myself! While I genuinely believe in hiring out professionals for something like interior decorating, I had a vision for this room and went with it! I couldn’t love the end result more!

Obsessed with these floral foil pieces. They are fade-resistant and made with ultra-premium inks on museum quality canvas. I bought them framed on the website.

Shop the stemless flower here: Gold and Light Floral
Shop the stemmed flower here: Gold and Light Floral II

This little corner of my dining room is a fave.

I personalized every aspect of this Cheers light-up wall hanging {in this pic it’s obviously turned off but you can see it glowing in the mirror reflection in the photo above} from the word to the color to the font on the Brite Lite Tribe website. Here are the deets:

Font: Starry
Neon Color: Golden Yellow
Size: Small
Acrylic Style: Contour Cut

Check out the Brite Lite Tribe website – DANAIVY gets ya $25 off!

Shop the framed print in the photo here: Darkest Night Agate

One of my faves with it’s faceted, 3D pattern. Shop it here: Capiz Wall Art – Faceted Square

The Kitchen

I saw this hangry print and knew it needed a permanent spot in my life. Because it’s no secret that I have a tendency to get hangry haha!! You can shop it here: Hangry Art Print – ours is size 24″ by 32″ with a white frame.

This colorful brush stroke canvas was actually from Wayfair!! Though it is no longer being sold on their site, wah wah. I do adore this brush stroke wall hanging on canvas that I found which is super similar!

The Mudroom / My Office

Photo Credit: VPG Photography

Yes!! This is our mudroom but it’s also my office. When I am on zoom calls sitting at my desk, all the coats are hanging from the lockers behind me, and that’s what people see. LOL. But we make it work and I really do love my little office wall!

Shop the wall art: personalized acrylic calendar – ships with 6-10 days via AMAZON!!!, the 10 x 10 i love us gray stained framed print is something that I won in a local facebook group but I don’t know who made it, the letter d is old from Restoration Hardware Baby + Child but these letters are adorable!! This is my exact letter board.

I had this long and narrow wall space in between the window and the closet doors in the mudroom and took the opportunity to put the boys original artwork up! I love how it turned out. Shop the frames – they come together in a set of 3.

The Hallways

How gorgeous is our commissioned Ketubah?! Sadly, the artist, Judy Freeman, no longer does ketubahs but it is a showstopper and hanging on a hallway wall that most people will see if they walk into our house!

One of my family’s favorite things to do is go to all the summer art fairs and peruse all the different artists’ work. My husband and I bought these pieces from an artist at one of the local art fairs in the area during the summer of 2019. At first, these gems were in our bedroom and then I moved them to the hallway! Aren’t they so good?! Sadly, I can’t recall the artist’s name and it’s not on the actual artwork. {I even looked back at the art fair website from that year but didn’t see his stuff – ugh}

The Powder Room

Photo Credit: Dustin Forest

Okay, first can we take a second to pause at the gorgeousness that is our powder room bathroom! All thanks to Elizabeth at Stone Textile Studio!! She found this wallpaper and I was immediately obsessed. I found this piece of art and thought it would go well in there but I wasn’t buying it until she confirmed that she agreed with me! Sadly, the framed purple flower art work is sold out but Andy Blank always has the best pieces at amazing prices!

The Kids Bathroom

Photo Credit: Dustin Forest

We completely revamped the kids bathroom with a little {lot of} help from Elizabeth at Stone Textile Studio. How cute is that popsicle art from artist Tat Frederick? Can you believe that it’s actually CRAYONS!! Unfortunately, it’s sold out but I got it from Scout Design Studio and they carry many other pieces just like it that are aptly referred to as her Crayon Series.

Again, need to give credit to where credit is due – Elizabeth from Stone Textile Studio showed me this “Superhero Butts” wall art and I found it so hilarious + knew my boys would as well. I purchased it right away and it’s the perfect cheeky piece of art for the kids bathroom walls!

Demi’s Room

Baby girl nursery: revealed! Demi's nursery is "Cool Girl Chic and Sweet" and will be able to grow with her through the years. In love!!!

Much like the Cheers light-up wall hanging in our dining room, I personalized every aspect of Demi’s light-up wall hanging in her room on the Brite Lite Tribe website. Here are the deets:

Font: Rad
Neon Color: Flamingo
Size: Small
Acrylic Style: Contour Cut

Check out the Brite Lite Tribe website – DANAIVY gets ya $25 off!

For more details about EVERYTHING in Demi’s nursery {links + way more pics too!}, check out my blog post where I revealed Demi’s entire nursery!!

Baby girl nursery: revealed! Demi's nursery is "Cool Girl Chic and Sweet" and will be able to grow with her through the years. In love!!!

This piece of art was done by my very creative and talented cousin, Alexi. I basically told her exactly what I envisioned and she made it happen! She sent me the digital file and I got it framed through Frame It Easy, a company that I have worked with in the past and know they do a great job! Alexi has the most awesome etsy shop called ArtsiAlexi – check it out!

For more details about EVERYTHING in Demi’s nursery {links + way more pics too!}, check out my blog post where I revealed Demi’s entire nursery!!

Baby girl nursery: revealed! Demi's nursery is "Cool Girl Chic and Sweet" and will be able to grow with her through the years. In love!!!
Photo Credit: Jake Cohen Photography

These KISS pieces of art are by Andy Blank. Andy made 100 pieces of each and then they were gone, unfortunately. I actually bought them the day I found out I was having a girl!!!! I knew they would be the perfect accents to her sweet nursery!

For more details about EVERYTHING in Demi’s nursery {links + way more pics too!}, check out my blog post where I revealed Demi’s entire nursery!!

Brody’s Room

Let it be known that Brody has LOTS of art on his walls and above his bed and he pretty much drew/painted/colored it ALL. This canvas print – another ArtsiAlexi piece that was made by my cousin – is one of the few things he didn’t artistically create! You can shop this exact custom baseball canvas here – it’s pretty cool!

Levi’s Room

Wall decals are wall art too!! I found someone who makes customized decals on etsy {unfortunately, the shop is now closed but I found a company called Stickythingz via Etsy who allows you to create your own wall decals} and ordered these B&W sports balls for on top of Levi’s crib! We kept them up when he got a big boy bed!! PS this pic of Levi is so old but so cute of him, had to reuse it!!

Our Primary Bedroom

Photo Credit: Dustin Forest

THE ARTWORK IN MY PRIMARY BEDROOM HAS MY HEART!!! I feel like I am sleeping in the most chic and luxurious hotel room ever! This abstract piece, found by our designer Elizabeth, is sold out now but from Alice Lane Home.

This piece of wall art is another one I bought from a local art fair. The photographer is Mark Hersch and he’s known for merging historic photographs with photos that he shoots from the same vantage point in the present day. So cool, right?? He also happens to be local and I LOVE his work! I did purchase my own frame on Amazon but to be honest, I am not too impressed with it and will probably soon swap it out for one that’s more high quality.

Our Primary Bathroom

I saved the best for LAST!!! This piece of art was made with love by the lovely local artist Bari Wieselman Schulman. Bari is an abstract artist who’s known for her painted works and her mixed-media art. Her studio rethinkreframe is AMAZING and I truly admire her for pushing boundaries with color, contrast, and texture. This piece in particular is similar to one that I had seen on her website {from her Crush Series style!} and I asked her if she could create it for my bathroom walls specifically, but using colors that would work well in there. I could not be more in love with the end result!! And there really is something that much more special about it because I worked with the artist personally to get it right for our recently completely redone primary bathroom space.

I did get this piece framed at my local frame store called Princeton Frame & Art Gallery. They always do an amazing job!!

Shop most of the artwork in one place!


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