Years ago, we were at the airport and I was hungry! I wanted a snack but didn’t want to succumb to the typically unhealthy airport grub. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised when I found DANG coconut chips at one of the kiosks! Because as a coconut lover for life, I obviously had to try them. I was completely stunned by how delicious these little coconut chips were! Like, WOW. When the kids saw what I was chompin’ on, naturally, they had to have some as well. They loved them as much as I did, even asking if I could go buy more once the bag was gone! These became our go-to healthy snacks for the kids!

And that was the beginning of our family love affair with DANG Foods.

Needless to say, when we got home from that trip, I started buying DANG Foods coconut chips on the regular. Then, I found out that they launched Sticky Rice Chips and we’ve literally became addicted to those. More recently, we’ve become big fans of their bars! Every product that Dang Foods makes is incredible and I’m excited to share them with you more in depth today!

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Snack #1: Dang Foods Coconut Chips

These are not your average coconut chips! They are made from harvested mature Thai coconuts and toasted to perfection using a delicious family recipe. They currently come in 3 varieties: Original, Caramel Sea Salt and Lightly Salted. We are obsessed with the original recipe and I use them to add crunch into a million different recipes of my own! My kids go crazy for snacking on the Caramel Sea Salt flavor. Yum!!

Snack #2: Dang Foods Sticky Thai Rice Chips

Holy cow these sticky rice chips are dang addicting! They come in abundance of varieties such as Original, Coconut Crunch, Toasted Sesame, Aged Cheddar, and Sriracha Spice. They all have a subtle sweet taste within their unique flavors that is just SO freaking good and leaves you wanting more!!! We are all obsessed with the Aged Cheddar and while Brody doesn’t typically love spicy foods, he loves the Sriracha Spice one the most! In my opinion, these chips are the ultimate healthy snacks for kids!

Snack #3: Dang Foods Bars

These bars are the bomb dot com. For real! Not only are they crazy yummy, but they are Keto, low sugar, each one has around 4-5 net carbs and 9 whole grams of protein! I keep them on hand for when that on-the-go hunger strikes and the whole fam likes to eat them as a quick breakfast when there’s no time to sit down. There are currently 5 different varieties in stock. Almond Cookie, which is Levi’s fave and he’s eating one in the photo above, Crazy Rich Chocolate, which is my fave, Lemon Matcha, which is so dang good too, Peanut Butter, which is Brody’s fave, and Toasted Coconut, which you cannot go wrong with! I love that there is no sugar added and they are a gluten-free food! Delish!

PS You can read all about the Dang Foods story on the back of every one of their snack bags. In a nutshell, the brand was created by two brothers living between NYC and Bangkok. They grew up eating very differently and came together to create Asian-American snacks with real ingredients and none of the bad {fake} stuff. They decided to name the company after their mom, Dang, who inspired their first product – the toasted coconut chips!

And PS – I say that they’re healthy snacks for kids but really, they’re healthy snacks for kids AND adults. We are all huge fans in my family!

Don’t forget!! When you shop directly within my blog post, you’ll receive a $10 discount on all these snacks!! Stock up!!!! {I know I will be!!}

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