True life: I am an Amazon addict. While I loveeee to shop small and support all the small businesses my local community + the internet has to offer, nothing beats Amazon’s Prime shipping for everyday things that I might not find nearby. Also, the fact that I don’t have to leave my house to get EXACTLY what I want? Heck yeah to that!

And being a mom, I’m not just buying for myself, I’m literally buying for the whole fam! I’ll think of things I NEED {winky face} for myself or any one of my kids at any given time, add to cart, and before I know it, said needed things are at my house, in the flesh. It’s almost TOO easy but has saved me a ton and I’m not complaining one bit. With that said, I asked ya on my ‘gram if you want me to do a monthly blog post series sharing what I’m ordering from Amazon and an overwhelming majority said they want to see it!! So let’s gooooo – starting with my January purchases below!

Home Fashion and Kids Finds on Amazon

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Here’s Everything I bought on Amazon in January:

One Piece Swimsuit for Baby

Not only is this swimsuit the CUTEST {hello gorgeous tie-dye + ruffles}, but it has snaps on the bottom which are a game changer when you need to change your babies diaper!! This is something I learned the hard way. Also, I recommend sizing up!

Pre-Pasted Mini-Brush + Floss + Pick

Bought this because I got Invisalign and you have to take the trays out of your mouth every time you eat. Before I put them back in my mouth, I like to brush them as well as my teeth but I’m not always home to do so! Enter these pre-pasted mini brushes that are individually wrapped and I can take anywhere. Once I use it, I dispose of it!

Long Sleeve Crochet Sweater

Love this crochet sweater!! I recommend sizing down as it runs large!

Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Sippy Straw Bottles

Figured now that Demi is eating food, she needs to drink water too! I personally like straw sippy cups and these ones have all the features I was looking for: plastic, clear, have handles, the actual straw is silicone, leak proof, and more! She is still learning how to drink out of a straw but I’m excited for her to use these!

Spot It! Card Game

What a fun little card game! There are tons of different ways to play and cards > ipads.

Little People, Big Dreams Books

I recently stumbled upon this book series that explores the lives of some of our world’s most inspirational and important people. Such as black heroes and activists, musical geniuses, pro sports players, scientists, fashion icons, first women, authors, comedians, olympians, movie stars, artists and more. There are 100+ books in all that cover some pretty awesome people! I bought a bunch of them {click here to see which ones we have + shop them!} because each one is more fun and interesting to read than the next! The boys are super into them and I’m learning a whole ton of new things as well!

Faux Leather Baseball Cap

One of my favorite purchases of all time! I actually bought this for a follower because she won one of my giveaways but then I got myself one as well because I can’t find my original one!!

Comfy Harem Pants

Levi picks out his own clothes everyday. Months ago, I bought the red ones for him and I noticed that they are definitely his favorite pants to wear! It’s no wonder because they fit him so well and are obviously comfortable. He asked for more so how could I oblige?!

Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Wash

We have literally used every baby shampoo and body wash under the sun. This one is easy on the kids skin, smells good {we use the calming lavender version} and I stocked up to have it in the house!

Porcelain Butter Warmers

What’s life without porcelain butter warmers?! Ok, so my husband was not too pleased when he found out I bought these but we like to host friends for dinner and our favorite thing to bring in is Joe’s crab legs – so why wouldn’t I invest in these!!! No brainer!!!!

Lanyard Kit

My kids have loved to do lanyard since they learned at Banner Day Camp last summer! They had been begging for a kit and I finally gave in!

Kids KN95 Disposable Masks

Literally no masks fit Levi. His face is tiny. But these KN95 disposable kids masks are a win! I simply tie the sides to tighten a bit and they are perfect.

Keyboard Pop-It

Teach your kids how to use a keyboard using this adorable keyboard pop-it. How cute!?

Baby Pop-It Chew Necklace

Demi was getting jealous of all her brothers pop-it’s so had to get her some special ones to chew on!

Baby Sweatsuit

Comes in a million colors and is just so cute and comfy!!

Baby Sweatsuit with Ruffles and a Headband

Adore this sweatsuit as well! The ruffles!!

Size A3 Zipper Pouches

I ditched all our game boxes and put the pieces and game boards in these zipper pouches! GAME CHANGER – no pun intended ;)

Dinosaur Backpack

Levi’s backpack was tiny and then when his zippers came off, I knew it was time to get him a new one. I literally typed in backpack in Amazon and Levi chose his favorite! This one also came with a lunchbox and pouch and the price was right, too!

Satin Silky Pajama Set

The comfiest and cutest pajamas EVER. They come in 17 different really pretty colors {say what!!} and I honestly can’t get over the price {like, how are they only $24 for the set??}. I actually also have a version that is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE but this dupe is everything and more. Might even be better than the original. Just sayin’

Bear Bottle Kit to Teach Straw Drinking

Yes, I spent $17 on this bear bottle kit but that’s because it works!!!!! Brody and Levi never had any issues learning how to drink from a straw but Demi isn’t catching on as quickly and that’s okay. Had to invest!

Dapple Bottle and Dish Liquid Soap

Stocked up!! I’ve used this soap for all my kids bottles and fully back it!

Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow with Notepad and Keepsake Pouch

Brody lost his first tooth!!!!!! When it was loose, I decided to invest in this superhero pillow and keepsake pouch and it’s so cute! He will have this memory forever!

Want More Amazon Shopping Inspo?

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And by the way, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, a VERY long time ago, I wrote a blog post sharing 9 reasons why being a member is SO worth it. And it really, truly is, even more so to do this day as my family has grown. Check out the reasons now!

Well that was fun!

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