Making a baby is hard work!!! Work that only a woman’s body can handle and work that often times leaves you feeling LIKE CRAP!! Now, I’m not saying it’s not a HUGE gift to find out your pregnant and are able to create a new life in this crazy world that we’re living in, but some of us literally feel like sh*t {excuse my language}, for the whole 9 months! Doesn’t mean we aren’t obsessed with the package at the end, or that we won’t want to do it again and again and again, but it’s HARD. Obviously we all react differently during pregnancy but if this describes you, I am right there with ya sister + this is the blog post for you!

Okay so I have a bunch of my own tried and true pregnancy nausea remedies that I will share! I also will be sharing YOUR tried and true nausea remedies because when I asked my insta community to tell me what worked for them, the answers BLEW ME AWAY. So thank you thank you thank you to everyone who contributed to that! Not only did you help me, but others too!!

In no particular order of what worked best, I’m sharing 25 genius ways to overcome pregnancy nausea – this really is the ultimate guide! Let’s do this!

My Personal Pregnancy Nausea Remedies:

  • Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets – these are everything! And not just for morning sickness, I might add. They’re for all-day sickness and I swear every time I popped one in my mouth, I immediately felt a little better!
  • Sea-Band Mama! Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband – some people swear by these and others hate them; I’m in the former camp. While they are rather tight on my wrist, this version is made especially for pregnancy nausea and I do think they helped take the edge off a little bit.
  • Non-Drawsy Emetrol – if you aren’t familiar with Emetrol, it’s basically cherry syrup similar to cola syrup, without the caffeine. It provides rapid nausea relief and is completely safe for baby during pregnancy! This is what I do: I take a cup and fill it up with crushed ice. Then I pour about 2 tablespoons of the Emetrol into the cup and take tiny, slow sips through the course of a half-hour or so. It’s said to calm stomach muscles to relieve nausea and I really believe it works!
  • Frozen grapes – I enjoy me some frozen grapes not being pregnant but something about them while pregnant just makes me feel better. Sometimes I would eat them for breakfast {just a few!} and other times they made for the best after dinner snack.
  • All things ginger!!! – Including Trader Joe’s Gin Gins {which are super chewy but also super strong, just beware!}, smoothies made with ginger, small sips of ginger ale, and I also bought a huge bottle of the pickled ginger that comes with sushi. Not sure any of these things made me feel 100% but they were all worth trying!

Your Pregnancy Remedies!!

  • All things citrus; in particular, pink lemonade
  • Preggie Pops
  • Earth suckers
  • Ginger tea
  • Chewing Polar Ice gum constantly
  • Starting the day with peanut butter toast
  • Acupuncture
  • High potency vitamin and hydration IVs
  • Tic Tac spearmint gum
  • Domino’s Pizza – I couldn’t love this answer more!! Hahahaha
  • Drinking a ton of water
  • Keeping crackers + vanilla wafers and eating when needed
  • Sparkling water {and I asked her if there was a specific one and she said “The more aggressive the bubble, the better (at least for me)! Bubly worked really well!”
  • Eating healthy fats like coconut chips and nuts
  • Sour gummies like sour patch kids and peach rings
  • Eating bites of bread 24/7
  • Keeping your magnesium up {via soaking your feet in Epson salt water or drinking calm magnesium supplement}
  • Greek egg lemon soup
  • McDonald’s diet coke – another fun answer haha!

Now, I have to follow-up by telling you that everyone who wrote these responses also shared things like:
It’s life-changing!
So weird that this worked but it did!
I swear by this!
It was a lifesaver!
I promise it helped a lot!
etc, etc.

I feel like hearing about these remedies attached to these sentences made me want to try them that much more, ya know?! I can’t be the only one!!

Wondering Which Remedies to Try First?

I’ve got you covered on which remedies to try first!! There were two answers that kept popping up over and over again that I obviously have to share with you. The first one I heard a ton was to eat frozen grapes, which is funny because that was one of my tried and true remedies as well! One person said that her “acupuncturist suggested it and it was GAME CHANGING!! The sugars in it somehow help.” I totally believe in this! Another answer that I got a ton was to chew on the Trader Joe’s Gin-Gins, which was another one of mine too! Basically, if you are going to try anything, definitely try these two remedies above all!

Also, for me, laying down was honestly the best medicine. Aside from being prescribed Bonjesta, which I will take everyday until I have this baby {because as I mentioned in my blog post where I answered all your pregnancy questions – it’s actually working!}, laying down was honestly what made me feel the best while I was super super sick.

And with that – one more tip! I truly believe that an empty stomach can absolutely make nausea worse. So I always tried to keep random carb snacks readily available to me. A ton of you agreed with me on this, mentioning it in the comments too.

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