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Today is the day! Finally sharing my answers to all your pregnancy questions that you submitted via Instagram! And I couldn’t be more excited. If you missed my first post about my pregnancy, where I spilled all the deets about our baby gender reveal + the kids reactions + the prettiest pics by one of my favorites photographers who captured the whole super special moment, click HERE. Okay, let’s get to my answers {in no particular order} to your most pressing pregnancy questions for me below! Grab a cup of coffee or tea or your fave smoothie and start reading!!!!

Q: Did you always want 3 kids?

A: Funny you ask, I definitely didn’t always want three kids. I honestly thought I was going to have two kids – one boy, then a girl, just as my immediate family was growing up. Boy was I wrong! It was only until I had Levi when I realized how much I love being a mom and how much I didn’t want him to be my last child that I decided I wanted another. Our family was simply not complete. Plus, so many of my friends come from families with three kids and I’ve always thought it was a special dynamic. Three is a good number!

Q. Would you have been happy with 3 boys?

A. 10000000% YES! Piggybacking off my answer from the first question, I wanted another child but after having Levi and seeing the cuteness that is two brothers, I was all about boy mom life and adding another to the fam!! I think 3 boys is the most adorable thing ever and honestly, even knowing this baby is going to be a girl, if it actually was a boy, I’d still be just as excited and happy! I know our family will be complete with the addition of one more babe no matter the gender.

Q. I saw you said you were sick, are you feeling better now?

A. Thank you for asking! Yes! I was so beyond sick and having two boys home in quarantine didn’t help the situation. I was extremely nauseous all day and all night, have had the worst acid reflux I’ve ever felt in my life {from even prior to finding out I was pregnant – I’m not sure why that didn’t tip me off!}, and was throwing up everyday, numerous times a day. I also didn’t want to eat any food but HAD to eat around the clock, although nothing sounded good to me. And the worst symptom of all which I didn’t have with Brody and Levi – I HATED {STILL HATE LOL} CLOTHES. This is a weird one, I know, but it’s true. And if I put on clothes, the sick, nauseous feeling is way worse. Thank goodness for quarantine because I’ve been living in nightgowns and robes. Two things I have never really worn in my life!!

I can confidently say now, that I am doing a lot better!! Unfortunately, my acid reflux is still there {I take a Pepcid AC Complete every day which does help!} and I HATE wearing a bra, but every other symptom has majorly subsided. I finally started a prescription medicine for the nausea and it has been a true game-changer! The fact that it’s working is a miracle because with Levi and Brody, nothing worked! So yay for that!!!!

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Q. Maybe ridic question but did y’all do anything different to conceive a girl this time?

A: Ok, so yes and no. No because I did not pay attention to this at all during the month of October which is when baby girl was conceived, however, I do track all my periods on an app called Maybe Baby. This app also happens to predict what gender your baby will be according to when you have sex and the length of your cycle/when you ovulate. As I said, I didn’t look at it that month, but according to my calculations, I do think it was correct. So if you are wanting to help sway the sex one way or another, try downloading the Maybe Baby app. Who knows if it’s accurate 100% of the time but worth a shot!

Q. Are you using anything on your skin?

After every shower I take, I slather Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil with Vitamin E onto my whole entire bod and then in the mornings and at night before I go to bed, I put this all over body lotion mainly on my legs, arms and hands.

Q. What do you plan on doing for room arrangements for the kids?

The boys will stay in their bedrooms and the baby will go in the bedroom that is currently Isaiah’s office. Prior to it being his office, it was our little play room before redoing our basement. But then when the pandemic hit, it became the perfect room for Isaiah to work in. Come July, 2021, however, he’ll be kicked outta there and the baby will claim her forever spot in our home! I already have some ideas on how I want to design it!! Ah!

Q. Are you taking any medicine for nausea?

Yes!! It’s called Bonjesta. When I was pregnant with Brody, I took Zofran which did nothing for me and then when I was pregnant with Levi, I took Diclegis which solely made me tired – but I was still crazy sick. With this babe, I didn’t think I was going to be able to take anything because my insurance denied my doctor’s prescription 4 times. She tried to put the medicine in the system all different ways and they denied every time. Isn’t that horrible?! As you know, I was beyond miserable and thought that I would continue to be for the entire pregnancy.

What’s more, if I wanted to pay out of pocket, it was going to be $990/month. Ummmm, what?! But then, my doc suggested I go through a private pharmacy, which turned out to be a gdsend! $60 for one month of Bonjesta and they shipped it to me FedEx overnight. Woohoo! Within two weeks of taking it, I started to feel like a different person. It’s a miracle!! It does make me exhausted and puts me to sleep within 5 seconds of taking it at night, but I’d rather be tired than nauseous and throwing up so I can’t complain one iota!

Q. How many weeks are you? When are you due?

I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant TODAY due in early July 2021!

Q. Are you doing anything differently due to covid?

What I’m doing differently is that I’m literally not doing anything haha. And by that, I mean, from the time I found out I was pregnant to about a week ago, I literally did not leave my house. And that is no exaggeration. The only reason why I leave now is because I take Levi to school and pick him up – but other than that, I’m still not going anywhere. We take car rides to my parents, don’t get out of the car, say hi from the windows and then come back home. I’ll do Target pick-ups where they bring my order to my trunk. And I have not been to a grocery store or regular store in I don’t know how long. My 3-year-old son, Levi, just told me that we are out of apples and we need to add them to the instacart order… um, these are not normal times and it’s so funny/sad that he even knows that term! Oh! And I’ve gone to the baby doc a few times. That’s it!

Q. Are you nervous to start over with a newborn?

Of course!!! But also soooooooooo excited. Newborns are my favorite ever and I can’t wait to have one again! The sleep part, well, I am very fortunate to be able to get a night nurse hopefully until baby girl sleeps through the night. The night nurse won’t come every night of the week but the majority of nights. With Brody, it took 10 weeks and with Levi it took 8 weeks for them to sleep through the night – 12 hours at a time! Hopefully this little chica will follow-suit!!!!!!! {PRAY FOR ME}

Q. Will you be buying the baby all new nursery furniture or reuse from your sons?

Yes! All new for the most part. The only thing I will use again is our organic crib mattress that both boys slept on. I might possibly reuse our rocking chair… but also probably not. Just not sure yet on that one! I am definitely buying a new crib and dresser drawers/changing table.

Q. What are your symptoms when you feel sick? Is it just morning sickness or all day sickness?

ALL DAY NAUSEA + throwing up + acid reflux + more. I think I answered this question more in detail above in my answer to question 3.

Q. How do you manage to look so awesome while pregnant?

OMG I’m blushing, how sweet of you! I literally feel so gross everyday and never wear makeup, and for a while there, would let my hair air dry every time I got out of the shower. But it’s nice to hear you think I look awesome. Thank you!!

Q. Do you have a bump? I haven’t seen any bump pictures on instagram yet.

I’m totally in the in-between stage right now. If you know me, and saw me IRL, you’d definitely know I was pregnant, because YES! I have a bump. But it’s not yet a protruding out there big bump. As for not seeing any pics on insta yet, I’m sure one day I’ll post one but while in the in-between stage, it’s not going to be that day. Haha.

Q. Do you plan to breastfeed?

No! I have never breastfed and never had any desire to. Fed is best and formula is a wonderful thing!!

Q. Are you tired all the time? When I was pregnant I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

OMG YES!!!!!! I’m beyond tired from the medicine I’m taking but I’m also just tired in general from being pregnant. By 2p everyday, I want to crawl in a ball and take a nap. And guess what?! Most days I do… while my kids are watching tv next to me on the couch. And then afterwards I thank them for letting me get some shut-eye. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?! No shame in that game.

Q. How many weeks were you when you found out?

4 weeks! I only took a test because I didn’t get my period. Was totally shocked {and crazy excited} to see the “pregnant” result!

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Q. Was your husband with you when you found out? If not, how did you tell him?

Nope. He was not!!!! And he wasn’t with me when I found out I was pregnant with Brody or Levi either. Except for the boys, I literally called him both times right then and told him, not taking into account anything about his day! He was stunned and super excited both times but also was so mad that he had to go about his work day with this information that he wasn’t allowed to discuss with anyone else. HA!!!

This time, I sat on it. I called my best friend and told her. Screamed and freaked out a little with her on the phone. Then, called a local shop where they make t-shirts and had one made that said “MIDDLE CHILD”. I curbside picked it up in my car, came home, Brody was at a sports class, and I put the shirt on Levi, who obviously can’t read. We waited for Isaiah to be done with work to come out and see us, and then when he did, his mouth dropped wide open. He was in disbelief!!!!!! {But again, so excited!}

Q. Are you exercising or going on your peloton while pregnant?

Because I was so sick early on and into the entire first trimester, I honestly couldn’t lift a finger. The only thing that made me kinda feel okay was being in a laying down position. So no, I haven’t exercised. However, now that I’m feeling better, I’ve recently started doing prenatal stretching videos from youtube before bed at night and it feels so good. I am going to talk to my doctor about maybe hoping back on the peloton and doing 10-15 minute classes when I feel up for it. I think it would be good for me.

Q. Would you get the covid vaccine pregnant?

Yes! From what I have researched, it seems like getting the vaccine while pregnant is safe for the baby and the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Every article and doctor I speak to says getting Covid-19 while pregnant could be terrible and getting the shot is worth it. With that said, it’s not my turn to get the vaccine yet and it very well might not be my turn until this baby is born in July! So who knows!!!

WHOA!! That was a lot of questions! My sincerest thanks to you for submitting them and double thanks for reading my answers! This was fun!!

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