Omg!! Valentine’s Day is coming up and while it might be a silly made up Hallmark holiday to some, I still love it, celebrate it, and make my hubby buy me a gift every passing year. Ha! Ok, I buy him Valentine’s Day gifts too because I’m a loving wife who embraces the love-filled holidays to their fullest. And as if that wasn’t enough, we fully embrace Vday with the kids as well! They get lots of cute gifts from the grandparents and we eat lots of chocolate and candy hearts {which I think are gross and taste like chalk but to each their own!}

With that, I have curated an epic list of Valentine’s day gifts for her, him and the kids! If you’re not in a relationship, have no fear, because any of the gifts for her would make awesome Galentine’s presents too! Okay, let’s not delay this any longer!! Check out my complete Valentine’s Day gift guide below!

Shop the Women’s Gift Guide:

Here’s the deets to these awesome gifts!

1. Tula Rose Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm: This is the new version of the Tula eye balm that I’m totally obsessed with. Apparently it gives a rose glow sheen with that same cooling feeling to touch. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Relax Roller: Give this to your best mama friend. She’ll love you forever and forever. Roll it on before bed or whenever you need a moment of relaxation. Ahhhh.

3. Pure Silk Skinny Hair Tie Rose Gold Holiday Bauble: Gentle on hair + designed to reduce those annoying ridges caused by regular hair scrunchies. Sign me up!

4. Heart Sweater + Shorts: This sweater + shorts combo is exactly something I’d put on the second I got home from anywhere! Plus, the HEARTS!!!!!!

5. Self-Tanning Water: I just ordered this for myself because I’ve heard nothing but amazing things! This would make for the perfect Galentine’s gift!

6. The Comfy Original Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket: Omg this. looks. beyond. And I would want to live in it all day and all night! Genius. {Also cool that the brand was on Shark Tank!}

7. Kendra Scott Heart Pendant Necklace: Adore this gorg necklace. The heart comes in other beautiful stones as well!

8. Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette: The Naked eyeshadow pallets are a cult favorite and that’s no coincidence! Adore these cherry hues for V-day!

9. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket: This isn’t just any throw blanket. It’s a Barefoot Dreams throw blanket. Enough said.

10. Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer in Fuchsia/Iron: This will forever be on my gift list because I will never buy it for myself. With that said, it’s the best of the best… fast drying, prevents extreme heat damage, light weight and easy to hold. People are OBSESSED.

11. Always Pan: My favorite purchase of 2020… the only stove-top pan you’ll ever need that is designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware. They just came out with this new limited edition red hot color and I am in loveeeeee. {by the way: it’s in stock currently + comes with the Bamboo steamer and cooking chopsticks BUT it will sell out, and I’m sure sooner than later!}

12. Ugg Slippers: The only slippers you’ll ever want to slip your feetsies into. I’ve had mine for years, they last forever and then when you do wear them out, you’ll be running to the store the next day to replace them! Adore this red/pink color combo for Vday!

Shop The Men’s Gift Guide:

Here’s The Deets To These Epic Gifts!

1. Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer: For the griller in the fam… AKA my husband. Getting this for him, shhhhh.

2. Beauty Counter Skincare Counterman Collection: Love Beauty Counter for it’s uber clean ingredients and complete transparency. Also, just bought this for my hub… but this gift he knows about!

3. Sudio Nio True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: These earbuds are EVERYTHING!!! I should know because I have a pair of my own. I have black ones but they just came out with this new sand color and they are so good!! They are splash proof, noise cancelling, and have a 20 hour battery life!! GUESS WHAT??? Sudio has agreed to give my followers 15% off with the code danaivy15off – what are you waiting for? They are already super reasonably priced for what they are and then with the discount… AMAZING!!!

4. Wooden Docking Station: For the organized guy! Love this to keep on his nightstand! Plus, it’s personalized!!

5. Personalized Whiskey Barrel: Does your man LOVE whiskey?!? If so, look no further with this cool personalized whisky barrel. How fun and unique!

6. Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Eau de Toilette: With notes of sage, smoked vetiver, mineral salt, ginger, this cologne is sure to be a winner!!! Plus, the bottle is freaking cool. Ha!

7. Bluetooth Beanie: This is not your average men’s winter beanie! It’s donned with bluetooth headphones inside {which are removable} and not to mention, it’s a super good-looking hat as well!

8. Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack: For the condiment guy who loves some heat! And truffles! Truff hot sauce uses ripe red chili peppers infused with black truffle oil and organic agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico. It’s all tied together with a hint of organic cumin, and zero preservatives, EVER.

9. A Box of Date Night Cards: I LOVE THIS!!!! For the man who doesn’t want to decide what to do for date night… which is probably every man in America. Make it easy for him with this box of date night cards. It contains 52 sealed envelopes, with 51 date ideas to help inspire a different date each week. No thinking required. ALL IN ON THIS.

10. Jerky Heart: Does your man like jerky?? Gift him with this red heart and see his face light up when he realizes it’s not chocolate inside! Hahahah! The flavors are unique and sound delish – Classic, Garlic Jerky, Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Black Pepper, Root Beer, Root Beer Habanero, Whiskey Maple, Honey Bourbon and Sesame Ginger.

11. Heart Boxer Briefs: This would be a good gift to get your baby daddy from your babies! Soft and sweet and filled with all the hearts!!

Shop The Men’s Gift Guide:

Here’s The Deets To These Adorbs Gifts!

1. Personalized Piggy Bank: I am absolutely in love with this see-through piggy bank shaped in the first initial of your child!! Plus, you can put his or her full name on there. Perfection!

2. Kinetic Sand Activity Kit: This red kinetic sand that is easy to mold, free flowing, velvety-soft and a cinch to clean is the cutest vday gift ever! It comes in a convenient activity bucket with a handle and 7 molds and is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your littles!

3. Pretzelwich NYC Valentine’s Day Box: HOW GOOD DO THESE LOOK?!?!? Well, they are as good as they taste + they have gluten-free varieties! Okay, so if you’ve never heard of Pretzelwich NYC, they are a small biz who makes mini pretzel sandwich snacks – which they call Pretzelwiches! They’re made up of two square pretzels, a delicious filling, and hand-dipped toppings with nuts, drizzles, sprinkles and more. The perfect sweet and salty combination!! Plus, they give back! Each time they sell a box of Pretzelwich, $1 is donated to Candlelighters NYC, a charity organization that supports kids fighting cancer. Who wouldn’t want to support that! Your kids {and you!} will loveeeeeee!!!

4. Thomas’ Magnetic Play Book: For your Thomas the Tank Engine loving child! The magnets can be used in the book for a fun reading experience!

5. Sophia James Designs Rainbow Bright Collection Sparkle Hearts: How cuuuuuuute! Seriously perfect for your jewelry loving little babe! DM Andi {the owner of SJD + my friend!} on insta to order yours now! Also, she’s local to the Chi suburbs and we all love supporting local.

6. Make a Face Sticker Books: Heck yes to a set of 3 jumbo books with over 90 faces and 750 stickers!!!!! My kids have these books and LOVE them! They can sit and make silly faces using the large array of stickers forever and then what’s even more fun is showing mommy what they created! The best gift!

7. Kids Personalized Name Crayons: I miiiiiiight get these for my boys this year! And by might, I mean I definitely will be! You can totally customize letter colors and the seller prides herself on fast + free shipping! Adore!

8. Secret Crush Surprise Large & Small Dolls: A new toy by the makers of LOL Surprise Dolls, these secret crush dolls come in a gigantic heart box that you have to crush open with the handle that becomes a mallet. Different themed dolls are inside. To me, this gift screams Valentine’s Day!

9. Plush Singing And Dancing Cupid: So every year my aunt buys my boys a new plush dancing and singing toy for Valentine’s Day and they crack us up!! We have the dancing dinosaur, dancing poop {the boys fave}, dancing monkey that sings baby got back {that’s an oldie but a goodie}, and while we don’t have the dancing cupid {yet?!}, it looks so cute and sings “Bad Case of Loving You” by Robert Palmer!!!

10. Gumby & Friends Action Figure Boxed Set: Nothing better than introducing your kids to a throwback toy! Gumby and friends for the vday gift win!

11. Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition: Another throwback, but updated for the times! And for the older kids in your life! This mini classic Nintendo system is pricey but special and something your kids will love for years and years to come! It comes with 30 preloaded classic games like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, PAC-MAN, Dr. Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and much more. Andddd the controller is included too, of course! It’s super portable and SO fun! {PS this would also make for a great guy gift if he’s into gaming!! Or a girl gift – I kinda want it for myself. Brings me back!}

OMGGGGGGG what a post!

What a gift guide! I hope you liked that I bundled all the guides into one blog post – I haven’t done that in the past but even though it’s still January, Valentine’s Day needs to be shopped for STAT! And why not give you allllll the options allll at once! I really take pride in finding the perfect gifts for special holidays and not that I have a swelled head, but I think I nailed this year’s Vday! Yayaaaaa. I aim to please!

By the way, if I find any more gifts over the next few days/weeks that I think would be perfect for love day, I’ll share them on my instastories!!! So if you don’t follow me on insta yet, what are you waiting for!! We have fun over there and I would love to have you join our little mama community!! All it takes is 2 seconds! So, click here and hit that follow button now!

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