Cycling is my JAM. Always has been and always will be. It’s my exercise of choice, hands down, point blank, and I love love love it! Why?? Well, the main reasons are because it’s FUN, anything but boring, and is a damn good workout. With every spin class I’ve ever taken, I leave breathless {in a good way}, stronger, and feeling like I’m ready to take on the world!

Let’s take it back a few years…

My love of spinning started when I was living downtown and Flywheel opened in the bottom of my rental building. I’m pretty sure that was in 2010 or 2011 and they gave everyone in the building a free MONTH! I mean, how genius, right?! I fell in love, of course, and then continued to go there! It’s actually how I got into shape for my wedding. I had cycled before but Flywheel was different. It was better!!!!

During that time, I was also running and doing half-marathons. My knees became totally shot {literally it was the worst thing ever!!} and I quickly realized that spinning was way easier on my body! When I moved to the burbs, I fell in love with another spin studio but then they closed. That’s when my husband and I decided to invest in our at-home Peloton bike! Which was the best decision and purchase we could have made for ourselves!!

Why buying the bike made financial sense to us…

Once we got it, we cancelled our gym memberships and haven’t looked back. The bike was a bigger purchase upfront but because it’s for two of us, made a whole lot more sense financially in the end {we did the math}! Obviously now, nobody is going to the gym and I know so many people who are thinking of pulling the trigger on one while quarantined. Whether it be the bike or the tread, my advice is to DO IT!

I have a code for you!!

With that, you can use my referral code to purchase the bike or tread! The code is XJ539F and it will give you $100 towards the Peloton boutique. Which, let me tell you, is awesome. I have a complete and total love affair with their athleisure! I’m obsessed with their perfectly executed collaborations with well-known clothing brands such as Lululemon, Athleta, Chaser, Spritual Ganger, and so many more!

All about the app…

Ok, so not only do we love our bike but we love the Peloton app, too! And you don’t need the Peloton machines to use it! Aside from the spinning classes, it’s filled with SO much goodness like:

  • strength classes
  • yoga classes – I’ve heard the most incredible things about their yoga instructors
  • cardio classes
  • meditation classes – my husband is a big fan of these before going to sleep
  • running classes – if you have a treadmill at home {any brand!!} you can take these classes by putting your phone in front of you
  • outdoor running classes – I LOVE these and do them whenever I am able to get outside for a run!
  • stretching classes – these are my favorite for post-rides
  • walking classes
  • bootcamp classes!

Can you say amazing?! What I’ve realized is that the Peloton community is so much more than just having the bike or tread. It’s about getting healthy in the best way for your body! Even if that means taking a 20 minute strength class or a 10 minute stretch class! Both of those are WINS and to be celebrated!!

Peloton digital for the win!

Even if you don’t have the bike or tread, you can still subscribe to Peloton Digital for $12.99 per month. Considering all the insane workouts it offers, I think that’s a pretty good deal. Plus, I’m almost positive they have a trial period too!

That one time when…

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention about that one time when I went to a real live Peloton class with the one and only Jenn Sherman as my instructor in NYC! It was sooooo cool and sooooo fun and I loved every second. It’s sad to think that the studio isn’t open right now but as soon as life goes back to normal and traveling is an option again, I can’t wait to do it again!

My favorite instructors…

This brings me to a question I get asked constantly… who are your favorite instructors?! Well, stay tuned because on the blog tomorrow, I’m going to tell ya!!! {And my husband is going to share his with everyone as well!! Woohoo!}

PS {and one more time for good measure!}: My Peloton referral code is XJ539F and it will give you $100 towards the Peloton boutique. Let me know if you make the purchase!

If you do have the bike and want to follow me, my Peloton name is @danaivy. I’d love to take a class with you!!! Just let me know when! You can DM me on Instagram HERE so we can coordinate. Follow me there too for all the mom tips and tricks!

Please email this post to anyone who might be in the market for a Peloton! I would appreciate your help in getting my blog posts to those who they pertain to. And I thank you in advance!! I’d love for you to PIN this post, too! Xox

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