We did it! We mastered the mess!! If you’re keeping up with me on Instagram, you know that right at the beginning of this quarantine, we started doing a COMPLETE clean out of alllllll our playroom toys! This was a huge undertaking and I majorly underestimated how long it was going to take BUT now’s the time to tackle those at-home to-dos, am I right?! Never did I think I would organize WITH the boys but, I have to admit, they were not only into it, but SO helpful too!

Are YOU interested in doing a toy clean-out with your kids while you’re quarantined at home?? If so, here are some tips:

  1. First, have the kids dump ALL – and I mean ALL – of the toys in the middle of the room. While it might make YOU cringe, it’s so FUN for the littles!!!! It gets worse before it gets better and that’s ok!
  2. Next, have the kids scavenge for all the broken toys. Put them in a trash bag.
  3. Find all toys that need replacement batteries {that your kids want to keep!} Put them in a designated bin.
  4. Look at what you have left and sort as best you can… we did balls, things that go, musical instruments, dress-up costumes, Legos, miscellaneous, magnet toys, connecting toys + more!!
  5. Once the bins get filled, take all the working toys that you don’t want or have an overflow of and put them aside. Eventually, take them to your local donation center and/or put them in the trash.

And now, you have yourself a MUCH more exciting playroom for your littles! Plus, because they helped you organize, they will be much more prone to keep it that way!!! My new motto is LESS IS MORE!! And it couldn’t be more true. The kids are playing with more of their toys because they’re so much more accessible and available. While the process definitely took some work {as my mom says, Rome wasn’t built in at day}, it was beyond worth it!

PS: I have no after pics because we moved everything in our first floor playroom to our new finished basement! With the quarantine, the playroom has become my husband’s new office – with zero toys in sight. And to be honest, I was totally for this!! It made sense for so many reasons! A major one being that I really do believe that all kids toys should be in one collective area in the home.

With that said, we took all the newly organized playroom toys and combined them with the toys that we put in the basement immediately. I will definitely be blogging about what our new basement play area looks like soon! Be on the lookout + make sure you’re subscribed to my blog to get every new post sent straight to your inbox. You don’t want to miss it!

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