We’re standing in front of our peloton, if you couldn’t tell! LOL!

It’s the million dollar question {well, not really but I do get asked it allll the time!} – that is, who are your favorite Peloton instructors??

My answer?? I have a bunch of faves and I am happy to share! Coming off of my blog post from last week about why my Peloton bike was the best investment and why the app is awesome for anyone, today I thought I would keep on with the Peloton theme and spill the deets on my favorite instructors! {Sorry to make you guys wait on this, life happened and I never got around to finishing it up and making it perfect – but we are here now and all is right again in the world!!}

Guess what?! My husband, Isaiah, is sharing his faves too!! If you didn’t know, he is truly the ultimate Peloton-er in the fam. Especially during this quarantine! And I am so proud of him! Ya see, I can go weeks without hopping on the bike because of a million different excuses, but he doesn’t miss a day doing SOMETHING within the app!!

With that said, I am on a pretty good streak right now!! Since May 1, I’ve taken 10 classes and not gonna lie, that’s a huge feat for me. I am more obsessed than ever. It’s become apart of my daily quarantine routine and I sincerely hope it sticks when our lives go back to normal. Oh!! Follow me on the Peloton app @danaivy!!!! Because it’s fun to workout with friends and if you hop on and see me on the leaderboard, I’d love a high-five!! Obvs I’ll high-five you back!! Duh!!

Okay, so back to the reason for this post – I’ll start us off now by sharing my fave Peloton instructors, in no particular order:

Leanne Hainsby:

First of all, she’s British and I love me a good Brit! LOL. Okay, so while yes, her accent is everything, she is just GOOD at what she does. She is motivational, I love her music and her arms and interval classes {which are my favorite rides within the entire Peloton family!} are awesome. She is hard but not unbearable. I am typically able to reach the goals she sets for her riders and end her classes feeling way stronger than when I started!!

I literally love every ride with Leanne. They are all so good! But one of my favorites was actually her Motown ride. Okay so truth bomb – I HATE Motown. Like, hate it so much that I told my wedding band to play NO Motown the night of my wedding! BUT, I took the class with friends {this was obviously not my pick} and it was an epic ride! Yes, I’m aware that hate is a strong word but I’m just being real. However, Leanne definitely made me hate it a little less. Check it out HERE.

Jenn Sherman:

Ahhh Jenn! I feel such a special connection to her which you can read more about in THIS post. But if you want to know now – to make a long story short, I took a live class with her at the NYC studio!! It was one of the most awesome experiences ever!!!

What’s more, is that I love her because she’s – simply put – a true BASASS MOM!!!! She’s also one of the OG Peloton instructors that’s been with the company since it’s launch, and I think that’s pretty cool too. When you take her rides, you’ll find her to be HARD AS ALL HELL but in a good way. She pushes you {and she definitely pushes me!!}!!! I love that she’s just straight-up-real and that she swears and that she talks about her family, too. I love that she takes the time to shout-out so many people on the leaderboard – especially other moms! Basically, what’s not to love about Jenn Sherman?! She’s the best!

For my favorite ride with Jenn, click HERE. {Obviously it’s the one I took with her live at the NY studio in early September!! So good!!}

Cody Rigsby:

Let’s chat about Cody Rigsby. To start, his instagram bio includes the description of him being an “Opinionated Homosexual” and ya know what, I say “yeah boo” to that. {If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then just take a class of his already!!} Cody is like the best friend you never knew you needed in your life until you’ve met him. Does that make sense?

He’s funny! He dance moves are 100 and his classes FLY BY! When I’m in the mood for more fun, less biz, he is my guy. And I’m going to say this in the nicest way possible – his classes are the easiest for me. His music is always just want I need in the moment and his smile is contagious. When I don’t really wanna go on the bike but know I gotta, he’s the first instructor I look for in the class list. He perks me up when I’m down. He is basically a ray of sunlight and I couldn’t be more obsessed with him!!

For my absolute all-time favorite ride with Cody, click HERE. This is actually not just an all-time favorite Cody ride, but an ALL-TIME favorite ride I’ve taken ever!!!!!! Big thanks to my friend Lindsay for telling me how much she loved it and for bringing it to my attention! I want to take it again!!

Ally Love:

Ally Love is a BOSS and she knows it. She might have even created the term “boss up” and she has quite literally created a community of her own, aptly named, “The Love Squad”. I think by nature, Ally is the woman in the crowd who cheers you on, and helps you get to wherever you’re hoping to go. Her words always resonate with me on the bike and she keeps it real, too. I love that she focuses a lot on your form and the way you’re supposed to be seated and reminds you to breath through the ride {the correct way} when taking her classes. She simplistic but hard… and keeps you on your toes, too. Just love her!!

This is so funny but my favorite ride with Ally was the one I took yesterday on the bike!! It was an arms and intervals ride and she had us do 4 intervals of 3-minute runs on the bike – all to pop songs, and 3 intervals of upper-body arms work set to 90’s songs. The combination of it all was pure perfection and by the end of the class, I was literally DRIPPING in sweat!!!! Click HERE to take the class for yourself!!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Robin Arzon – she is scary – as in scary hard – but also suuuuper motivational and fun, too!!
  • Olivia Amato – her cycling classes are great but I LOVE her outdoor running classes the most.
  • Kendall Toole – I haven’t taken a ton of classes with her but when I do, I end on a high note!

So there ya go!! To sum it up, my top 4 favorite Peloton instructors are Leanne, Jenn, Cody, and Ally. With a few honorable mentions. And yep, I’m currently on a first name basic with each of them!! LOL.

Ok ok I know you’re ready to hear my husband, Isaiah’s, favorites so let’s dive into those NOW!! Apparently, he only has two {WHAT?!}. Below, he explains more about them both in his words, not mine!! You should know: he’s funny!!!

Alex Toussaint:

Real simple – he rides with a gold chain, I ride with a gold chain. His music is great, he knows how to virtually motivate me with all the swag and keeps me locked in for the full 30-45 minutes. I ride with Alex 85%+ of the time and I’m nervous I’m going to run out of Alex T content/classes during quarantine. I especially like his Saturday morning rides – CLUB BANGERZ. Takes me back to when I wasn’t married to I Adore What I Love and didn’t have two kids waking me up in the middle of the night. Maybe most importantly – he personally is a great story, and I can appreciate that. Mopping floors ten years ago to King of Peloton.

My favorite ride with Alex, click HERE!

Ally Love:

Ally and I both like riding to the Wheezy F. Baby which always puts me in a good mood. Her music is top notch and she always gets right into it. She gives a lot of direction which I need – as the last 10 minutes of every ride I always think I’m going to die no matter how long/short the class is. I used to ride with her a lot more, she has great on demand 20 and 30 min classes.

No specific Ally favorites. They are all my favorites.

Ok me {Dana} talking again: told you he was funny!!! But wait, he’s not done talking yet because then he goes on to say this:

Truth is, there are very few instructors I can’t ride with, but when I’m going for 30-45 or even sometimes 60 minutes, these are my two go-tos.

So now that you know mine {and my hubby’s!!}, I want to know yours {and your other half’s}!! You can tell me in the comments of this post!! And/or, head over to my Instagram page to join the conversation there {plus, I’d love for you to follow me for all the mom tips and tricks!!}

PS I HAVE AN EXCITING OFFER: My Peloton referral code is XJ539F and it will give you $100 towards the Peloton boutique if you buy the bike. Let me know if you make the purchase!

Please email this post to anyone you know who has a Peloton and might be interested in reading it! Definitely send to any friends that just got theirs!! I would appreciate your help in getting my blog posts to those who they pertain to. Thank you in advance!! I’d love for you to PIN this post, too! Xox

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  1. Hannah says:

    I’m also a huge Leanne and Ally Love fan! I did my very first ride with Leanne. I enjoy her positive energy and her accent. Ally has really great music and knows how to motivate me. My other go to faves are Hannah Corbin, Hannah Frankson, Robin Arzon, Emma Lovewell, Kendall Toole, and Olivia. I have ridden with the other instructors at least twice, but these are my faves. My husbands favorites are Sam Yo and Christine. He loves the mellow, chill vibes of both of them. I find them soothing as well when I’m in the mood for less in your face energy and more of a calm presence.

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