10 Casual Cool-Girl Valentine's Day Tops :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: www.iadorewhatilove.com #iadorewhatiloveHappy almost Valentine’s Day! I feel like everyone talks about what to wear on your date night out with your significant other but nobody really addresses what to wear during the day, so here I am to the rescue! Whether you’re running errands around town, attending one of your kids’ class parties, or just hanging at home, it’s fun to dress in the theme of love on February 14th. And there are so many affordable options too, so why not?! Lips, roses, and the word LOVE are some of my faves and today I’m sharing 10 adorable casual tops – all under $18!!!!!! – that work for Valentine’s Day and beyond =) 

Now, you could just put on that boring red tee that’s been in your closet for years but why do that when these cool-girl options are ready and waiting for you?!?! So yeah! Each top is cuter than the next and whatever you decide to order can be delivered to your door before Thursday! Woohoo!

10 Casual Cool-Girl Valentine's Day Tops Under $18 :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: www.iadorewhatilove.com #iadorewhatilove


White Eyelash Mouth T-Shirt
$10.99 and comes in black + a kids version!

Hot Pink Love Sweatshirt
$17.99 & comes in 8 colors

White Allover Red Lips T-Shirt
$11.99 and comes in a cool floral pattern as well

Black Floral Embroidery Cuffed T-Shirt
$13.99 & comes in 7 other colors

Glittery Lips T-Shirt
$13.99 & comes in 3 colors

White with Black Lips Button Down Front Knot Blouse
$13.99 & comes in a bunch of different patterns {not all valentine’s day related}

Colorful Lips T-Shirt
$11.98 & comes in a few different patterns {not all valentine’s day related}

Black Slouchy Sweatshirt with Lips
$17.99 & comes in different lip colors

Red Hearts Long Sleeve Shirt
$15.98 & comes in 3 colors

Black Pizza Is My Valentine T-Shirt
$18.99 and comes in 5 different colors

They’re so fun, right!! And SO cheap – like I don’t understand how they could even be sold for so little money. Each one looks way more expensive than it is. Andddd with that, I’m definitely not complaining! Haha.

Have the best V-day! Tell me which top is your fave in the comments!

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