8 Ways to Entertain Your Kids At Home on Cold Days :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: www.iadorewhatilove.com #iadorewhatiloveHELLO COLDEST DAY IN ALL THE LAND!!!!!! Omg you guys, we are in the midst of record breaking tundra temps in Chiberia and it’s pretty much all anyone can talk about. I mean, I get it. It’s cooooold and bitter and makes most of us wonder why we live in this polar vortex in the first place? Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question as we all have our reasons {mine = my family is here!} BUT what I can do is help you get through it. Behold, 5 ways to entertain your kiddos at home on cold days – check them out below!

1. Bake using your kids as your sous-chefs. 

This is my favorite way to pass the time with my kids and I think their favorite way as well. There is nothing more satisfying for kids and adults alike than baking your favorite cake, cookies, dessert and enjoying the fruits of your labor afterwards! One amazing recipe to try and our go-to on any given day? My famous banana bread!!!!! Not only is it the best you’ll ever taste {not just saying that!!!} but it’s also super easy AND FUN to prep and make!

2. Make use of TAPE!!!!

Grab some painter’s tape and use your imagination! Tape roads or zig zags along your floor so your kids can drive cars along it, tape your floor with a big tic-tac-toe board and have your little ones use their bodies to play the game, tape a balance beam and have your kids walk along it, tape letters, tape mazes, and anything else you might be able to think of! Trust me, your kids will LOVE these tape activities!

3. Play movement songs on YouTube.

OMG best activity ever. Movement songs are just what they seem – musical songs that get your kids moving! One of my best friends was over the other night and she put a few on for the boys and they absolutely LOVED it. These songs are literally the best way to get your kids energy out, plus, they’re educational since they have to listen to the words to know what to do next. Some of our faves, you ask? It’s Time To Stand Up by Susan Salidor, The Sit Down, Stand Up Song by Rick Goldin, Freeze Dance by The Kilboomers, and Movie’ My Body by Miss Aimee Leigh.

4. During snack/meal times, lay out a blanket, sit on it and eat picnic style on the carpet!!

Your kids will think having an indoor picnic is so fun and silly, promise! If they like TV, maybe even put on a show or movie for them to watch while eating. This is a special occasion after all! I say that because while I don’t know about you, in our house we typically don’t watch TV during meals… but rules are meant to be broken when you’re trapped inside all day, am I right?

5. Give your kids a {long} bath.

Ok, I know I know coming from me this sounds so ridiculous {because true life: I don’t give my kids baths because I despise it and my husband loves it} BUT there is something to be said about giving your kids a bath and just letting them play in it for as long as you want them to! Complete with bath toys and bath crayons and color drops and bubbles, it’s actually a great way to pass the time any time of day! {that says a lot coming from me! lol}

6. Make your own PLAY-DOH!

I was given a recipe for the best play-doh on earth and you all need to make it with your kiddies! Here’s what you need: 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 4 tsp cream of tartar, 3 tbsp crisco vegetable liquid oil, food coloring and 2 cups water. Directions: Heat water until it’s *almost* boiled and add in a few drops of food coloring while it’s extremely hot. Combine all other ingredients in a bowl, then pour that mixture into the hot hot colored water. MIX together really really well until you have play-doh! Let it cool down before giving it to your kids to play with! {by the way, I use these mats whenever we play with play-doh and they are amaze!}

7. Pause for story time.

It’s so simple but many of us don’t think to do it necessarily… let your kids each pick out a book, allow them to get cozy {perhaps they might want to lay down on the floor or couch?} and read to them! As a former first grade teacher, of course I read aloud to my kids every single day and it was most of their favorite parts of the day! Also, something I would do with my students was read each page in a different voice – high, low, silly, crying, rap, baby, etc. They ate it up!! 

8. Practice yoga together! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that one of our fave before bed activities to do with the kids is Cosmic Kids Yoga! If you have a smart TV, you probably can access YouTube and if you can access YouTube, you too can do Cosmic Kids Yoga at home! Specifically designed for kids ages 3+, led by Jamie, each episode is wildly imaginative, silly, and fun! We love it and I personally think that doing yoga with your kids is the perfect stay-at-home cold day activity {especially during witching hour!!!}

So with that, I will always believe that if you keep your kids busy in any situation – whether you’re stuck at home in the winter or spending the day outside in the summer – for the most part, they will be well behaved. Which is why I wanted to write this post!!! I hope you can use these stay-at-home activities and ideas today, tomorrow, the next snow day, rainy day, or sick day. I’d love if you shared it with your mom friends too! 

Signing off by saying STAY SAFE OUT THERE and have fun inside!!!!!!!!! There are worse things than staying home for 2 days, right?! We’ll get through this together!!!!! 

Will you be using any of my ideas?!
Which one do you like the best??

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