Holiday Gift Guide for the KIDS - Baby + Toddler // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatiloveThis is one of my most popular requests: to write a gift guide for the kiddies, so obviously there’s no better time to put this out than during the holidays! Having both a baby and a toddler myself plus having done tons and tons of research scouring the internet for the coolest and most unique gifts that are sure to make any baby and toddler happy, I have to say that this was one of the most fun gift guides for me to create! And if that isn’t enough, most of these products have a purpose, whether that be to aid along in baby milestones or build fine and gross motor skills for your tots. Maybe I’m bias but I, for one, am pretty obsessed with each of these items I’ve featured. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the only holiday gift guide for the kids you’ll need this year!!


Food Pillows: There really is nothing cuter than plush, cozy pillows that look your favorite food!

Striped Bear Bean Bag Chair: This would make the best addition to any room! Think of all the chic photos you could take of your baby sitting on it and then when he or she gets older, your toddler will get to enjoy it while reading a book or just as a place to relax!

Latches Activity Board: Looking to buy a toy that will entertain your baby or toddler FOREVER? This is it! Your baby will love the bright colors, numbers, and animals, and your toddler will have the best time trying to open the doors and windows using the latches. It literally grows with your child… WIN!


Soft Rattle Blocks: These soft blocks with a rattle inside are made to keep your little one busy forever! At first your child will be excited by just looking at them and shaking them but then they will enjoy building with them too!

Jellycat Lovey: OMG!!! Softest lovey EVER!!! The perfect addition to your baby’s crib to help them get cozy at night and during naps.

Indestructible Book Set: The perfect books to take on the go. The pages literally WILL NOT RIP!!! They’re chew proof and non-toxic and can even go in the dishwasher! Once you have one, you’ll want them all so buying the set now is the way to go!

Take Along Town Play Mat: I already got this for Levi!!! Comes with 9 soft, colorful vehicles and then they all zip up inside a pouch which also doubles as the play mat. Would be great to keep in your car to play with on the go!

Silicone Camera Teether: As a self-admitted mamarazzi, I had to buy this for Levi! These teethers are made of 100% silicone and are BPA free. They also come in A MILLION colors and there are even different shapes too, such a a diamond, the hand of gd, and there’s a hashtag sign too!

Ice Cream Teether: All your friends will be doing a double take when they see your baby eating an ice cream cone! I’ve actually bought this a few times as gifts for my friends with new babies, it’s adorable! And it also comes in pink, blue, and white.


Lego Table: Brody is getting a lego table from my parents, shhhh. It’s the perfect activity to keep your toddler focused!

Duplo Legos: Dublo legos are the perfect starter legos but if you toddler has already mastered those, the classic legos are a perfect gift option too!

Wooden Pizza Party: Every toddler loves pizza!!! And this set comes with a pizza cutter, spatula and over 50 different toppings that store easily in a wooden box. Your child will be sure to bring this toy out when he or she has friends over!!

Gender Neutral Doll House: Who said doll houses are just for girls? Not this set!! With 6 rooms and a {working!!} elevator and garage, every toddler will love this toy for years!

Light Up Tracks and Race Car: You’re toddler is going to want to turn off the lights when playing with these LED light up tracks! How cool!!!!!!!

Whether you’re buying for your friends’ kids, your niece or nephew, your grandchildren, or your own children, you really can’t go wrong with these awesome picks!!!! It’s already December though {wait, how did that happen??} which means you better get on it!!!!! Hanukkah begins on the 12th and there are 8 crazy nights to shop for and then before we know it, Christmas will be here too! You guys, holiday season is NOW!!!!

Oh! And obviously the holidays are about more than gift gifting { especially when it comes to the kiddos} but it’s nice to have a guide, right?! Just felt like I had to say that out loud haha :)

You can click on the links above to find the items featured or you can get to the product pages by clicking on the photos below {scroll to see more using the arrows!}

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Just curious, which toy would YOU want for yourself??? 

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  1. Jeri says:

    Now that’s a good looking lego table!! Love the kiddie gift ideas, so fun!!

    • Dana Ivy says:

      Yay Jer!!! And I know, right?! It’s modern, which you know is up my alley :) don’t tell Brody but my parents are getting him one for his bday!!!! Xox

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