Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the GIRLS

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve put some damn great v-day gift guides out there in years past (click here and here to see for yourself) and I would still highly recommend ANY of those same gifts today, and for many years to come. They’re fun, timeless, and meaningful.  

For 2016, however, I am going to go on record to say that the gifts I’ve found are pretty damn great. Let’s start with the girls! 

(I won’t tell if you discreetly have your best friend email your man the link to this post!)

I Adore What I Love - Valentin's Day Gift Guide for the Girls

Ticketmaster Gift Card: If your man gets you a Ticketmaster gift card, obviously that means that you get to pick what it will be used for! The next Taylor Swift concert? The Bulls game? Literally there are A MILLION options! I’ve always been a sucker for a gift like this because I love that it’s an experience with lasting memories to be made.

Drybar – The Four Pack: A dry shampoo! A flexible hold hairspray! A sparkling shine mist! And a 3-in-1 texturizing, amplifying, and refreshing triple sec! OMG! What girl wouldn’t want all of these amaaaaaaazing best-selling hair products from one of the coolest blow-drying salons around?!

S’well Bottle: Throw out all the other water bottles you have in your house because after using this you will realize those don’t even compare. I am a convert, you guys! It keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks (or soups, etc) hot for 12 hours. The metal mouth opening is easily the best part… not too big and not too small. It’s juuuuuuuust right {a la baby bear}.

Tori Burch Fitbit Leather Bracelet: Nothing worse than having on the cutest outfit with your rubber Fitbit… well, there is a lot worse, BUT, if you have a Fitbit, you neeeeeeed this. Trust me. It’s the.most.adorable. armcandy for your Fitbit and it will probably boost your confidence too! 

Jewelry Box: I’m OBSESSED with this jewelry box! Not only is it gorgeous, but you can fit EVERY PIECE of jewelry you own inside of it. I promise! There is literally a spot for everything!! 

And linked below are a few more gifts that the ladies might like!Any other ideas? Tell me in the comments. Also, stay tuned for my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the BOYS post – it’s coming soon!

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  1. Jill says:

    Such cool gifts Dana… I’ll take 1 of each!! Love that Tori Burch Fitbit band????

  2. Alyse says:

    I love my S’well bottle!!! Great ideas :)

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