If you’re anything like me, it’s SO hard to figure out what to get for your man on Valentine’s Day (let alone ANY gift-giving holiday) because he just buys whatever he wants anyways. Ugh, boys. This year, I’ve come up with some unique gifts that are sure to put a HUGE smile on your other-half’s face. Take a look at this year’s EPIC v-day gift guide, curated for you by yours truly. You’re welcome!

I Adore What I Love - Valentin's Day Gift Guide For the Boys

Apple Watch: Ok, your dude MIGHT have this one already. BUT, if that’s the case, how about investing in a new band for him? He’s sure to need an update! 

Tile: Unfortunately, everyone’s gone through life having lost something that’s near and dear to their heart. Make sure that never happens to your guy again by gifting him with Tile – the original bluetooth tracker that lets you find your lost stuff in seconds. SECONDS.

S’well Bottle: This one is for the girls AND the boys! That’s why it’s apart of both gift guides I put together this year. I actually bought Isaiah the dark brown wooden version (shown above on the far left) for the holidays and he loves it. I have one too and am OBSESSED! And you don’t have to put just water it in either… 

Lululemon Backpack: Backpacks for men are a thing! This one is not too big, not too small, fits everything you’d ever need it too (including his laptop) and more! It’s durable, manly, and extremely practical! 

Mack Weldon Boxers: Theoretically, boxers from any company are always a great gift for your main squeeze. I love that Mack Weldon has TONS of different underthings (yep, I might have just made up that word) to choose from, plus socks, shirts, and sweats. And you can’t go wrong when buying a pack, because each one is better than the next! Delivered straight to your door. Easy peasy!

And if that isn’t enough, I’ve linked a ton of other PERFECT v-day gifts that any man would appreciate. Take a look for yourself below…

What will you be getting for your valentine? Let me know in the comments! 

PS If missed: my 2016 v-day guide for the girls. And years past guides can be found here and here (yep, they would still make great gifts today!)

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  1. Jill says:

    Once again… Great gift ideas Dana!????????????????????????????

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