Okay, so I know I’m hot on the Us Weekly references right now, but my fav mag has continued to inspire me once again…

(I’ll tell you why in a second, but in the meantime, did you check out my “What’s In Her (Makeup) Bag?” post yet??)
As you know, I starting blogging on December 4th, 2012 and am having the best time with it.  Writing is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing and everyday upon coming home from work, I look forward to sharing with you what’s going on with me.  Not only is it super fun to think about what my next post will be about, but I typically like to write either right after school (and let‘s be honest, when I say school, I really mean work (I am a teacher, after all)) and/or right before bed because I find it to be one of the most stimulating, yet calming forces in my life.  It‘s weird to say out loud but since starting this new endeavor, I seriously thrive on hitting the sack knowing that I’ve just written a damn good blog post for my readers to wake up to :)   Over the past 6 months, I have shared a lot about myself with you all, such as my absolute favorite wedding pictures from my big day, my must-download-now cell phone apps, my easy and delish all-time fav recipes such as this not-so-typical vegetarian stuffed pepper and my famous salmon patties, as well as my obsession with eos lip balm and my thoughts on everything from the Boston bombings to my dedication to bright colored nail polish, amongst others. And every time I post on a new topic, I aim to connect with my readers in some way; but obviously, there are so many things about me still to learn! 
With that, I thought it would be fun to take another cue from Us and share with you:
25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: 
  1. My favorite food is shrimp, even though I was allergic to it for a few years and have gotten awful food poisoning from it.
  2. I studied abroad in London, England  during the summer of ’06 and before that, I went to Israel for 10 days on Birthright.
  3. Speaking of London, it is my second favorite city in the world to Chicago, where I was born, raised, and currently live.
  4. I’m kind of celebrity obsessed. I follow all my favs on instagram and when I’m in LA, I always make it my mission to hunt them down.
  5. My daily Starbucks Coffee drink of choice is a venti, decaf americano with one equal and one sweet-n-low.  Yes, I only drink decaf.
  6. Bravo, HGTV, E, and the Style Network are my favorite television channels.
  7. I know I should wear sunscreen outside in the sun, but I usually don’t and my shoulders always peel!
  8. Shopping is my cardio. Well, maybe it’s not my cardio but I  am damn good at it and get a thrill every time I purchase something new.
  9. Since I got engaged on 9/10/11, I have gotten a manicure every single week.
  10. My husband makes me a better person everyday.
  11. My birthday month, September, is my favorite month and 7 has always been my lucky number (still not sure why; I was born on the 5th).
  12. I’ve sat in many a TV show audiences before, such as Dancing with the Stars, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and back in the day I went to The Bozo Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, and The Rosie O’Donnell Show.
  13. Deciding what to make for dinner stresses me out but once I‘m doing it, I feel as calm as ever.
  14. One day I will drive a convertible.
  15. I have magnetic hands… don’t ask.
  16. I’m a sorority girl: was in Kappa Kappa Gamma at IU and because of it, I made best friends for life.
  17. I’ve read all of Lauren Conrad‘s L.A. Candy fictional book series… and always look forward to the next one coming out.
  18. I can’t wait for Homeland to come back on TV already! Saul is my favorite character.
  19. I am really good at playing Tetrix, but I get addicted so I can’t have it downloaded on my iPhone.
  20. I’m genuinely happy for my friends when good things happen to them. And I live for those moments!
  21. No trip will ever top my honeymoon. It was everything and more. Still think about it daily.
  22. I’d rather run outside than on the treadmill but living in Chicago doesn’t always afford me that luxury.
  23. I still laugh at the fact that I was on the poms squad in Jr. High.  So comical to me!
  24. My brother and I are really close and always have been.  The buildings we live in are right next to each other!
  25. This is the most difficult list I’ve ever come up with!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better!  Until next time…

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