5 Tricks to Get Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night

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While I’m no sleep expert, I’ve had 3 babies who’ve slept through the night faster than I could have ever imagined. Brody slept 12 hours every night starting at 10 weeks, Levi at 8 weeks, and Demi at 9 weeks! Obviously I can’t take complete credit for this, but I definitely I have some tricks up my sleeve to move the process along for all the tired mamas!! 3 to be exact and trust me they really work!!

1. Sposie Diaper Booster Pads

THESE ARE A GAME CHANGER and 100% my number 1 trick to getting my babies sleep through the night. I vividly remember Brody waking up uber early every morning as a newborn because he peed through his night time diapers. He was very clearly was uncomfortable. One night, I decided to put two diapers on his cute baby bum which I so thought was going to do the trick! But silly me, it absolutely did NOT. I remember being a new mom and feeling so defeated. If only there was something to alleviate this issue… what’s a mama to do? Go to the baby message boards and ask for advice, of course! That’s exactly what I did and someone responded raving about Sposie diaper booster pads. I immediately bought them on Amazon and HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK!!!!

In a nutshell, Sposie diaper booster pads are super-soft and crazy absorbent pads that you insert inside any diaper to instantly transform it into the ultimate overnight diaper!! They literally STOP night-time leaks and they WORK. Truly, they are the best. I used them with Brody, I used them with Levi, and now I’m using them with baby Demi. Apparently, my babies pee A LOT at night but it’s no longer a nuisance to anyone! Thank you Sposie pads!!

With that said, back in the day, they only had one kind but now they have many different varieties. When Demi was just a few weeks old, I started inserting the adhesive free pack for babies. These work with a newborn diaper up to size 3. Since then, we’ve switched to the adhesive Sposie pack that is 20% more absorbent. Even though it says that it’s for diaper size 4-6, it totally works with her size 2 diapers that’s she’s currently wearing and I love that it’s even more absorbent than the original. They also offer a super Sposies for older kids. I am just so grateful for this brand and was so excited when they reached out to work together, as I have been a huge fan for a LONG time!!! No more night take wakes because of nighttime leaks! Woohoo!!

You can shop Sposie Diaper Booster Pads via Amazon here and check out their website to learn more here.

2. Every 3-5 Days, give your baby just a little less milk during the night feeds

Starting at like 6 weeks, when your baby wakes at night, give him .5 ounce LESS of milk during a feeding. If he wakes more than once, do this for the feeding you hope your baby will eventually sleep through. For example, if your baby is waking up at 3 am wanting 4 oz, starting at 6 weeks, give him 3.5 ounces. Do that for a few nights in a row, and then go down another .5 ounce and so on.

The hope is that your baby will barely notice the decrease in milk and eventually extend his sleep on his own. With that, my advise would be to give your baby the lost ounces during the day so they are getting enough milk to keep them satisfied at night and thriving during the day. Again, no sleep expert here and please take my advise with a grain of salt but I did this for all my babies and it worked like a charm!

Also something to note, your baby shouldn’t be crying from the lost .5 ounce. If he is, then give him his normal amount and try again in a few days! In addition, this might only apply to those who bottle feed or pump. In all honesty, I have no experience with breast feeding so no clue how that would work!!

3. The Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine

The Hatch Rest+ is the most amazing sound machine on the market! We love it so much that I ended up buying one for Brody and one for Levi to use at night too. In a nutshell, you can control the entire sound machine via an app that you can easily download on your phone. Not only does it have the built-in digital clock feature, but you can lower or increase the volume, change it’s color to ANY color in the color rainbow, brighten or dim it’s color, choose a sound {waves, rain, birds, laundry machine, lullaby, etc!}, set an alarm, and MORE all through the app. How cool?!?! It’s the best and completely tunes out the outside noise that others might be making in your house!! All my kids use it with the ocean sound on high volume!

You can shop the Hatch+ Rest sound machine here.

4. Always use a humidifier!

Especially in the cooler months of the year, a cool-setting humidifier makes all the difference in baby’s room. Obviously she can’t tell you what’s wrong but the last thing you want is your baby waking because of dry air, which could totally give her dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, and so many other easily fixable problems. We love all of Crane’s humidifiers. This top fill one that we have in Demi’s room {you can see it in action in this post} is amazing!! I have it right next to her crib on it’s on little table and it’s awesome!

5. A night time routine is KEY.

Okay, so hear me out. I’m not necessarily saying you have to put your baby down at the same time every night BUT I do think the same routine before you put your baby down makes all the difference in the world in her sleeping through the night. Our nighttime goes like this: bath {every other night}, nighttime diaper with Sposies, rub this lotion all over her entire body and skin, pajamas on, sleep sack on {this one is our current favorite!!}, window shades closed, lights off, bottle feed in darkness, stand up and sing to her “You are my Sunshine” then in the crib she goes for the night!

Once I realized my kids no longer were falling asleep to the bottle, I started to keep the lights on and read to them a book each night during or after bottle feeding! Then, lights off and sing our song, and in the crib she goes! Trust me, a nightly routine goes a LONG way.

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