Guess what?! My husband and I just got Amazon credit cards!!! Hahaha I’m only telling you this because clearly, that makes me an Amazon connoisseur, am I right?! I probably should be embarrassed to say this out loud but we pretty much get Amazon boxes delivered to our door on the daily. Don’t tell anyone, okay?! With that said, most of the boxes that come our way were literally bought to make mom life easier. And today, I’m sharing the best of the best with you!

Are you ready?! Let’s do this!

Shop the Amazon Finds Now!

1. 75 Personalized Waterproof and Dishwasher Safe Name Labels: I LOVE THESE. I repeat, I LOVE THESE. And every mom needs to know about them. We label everything these days and have tried lots of labels. These are the perfect size and stay on clothes, water bottles, etc. And they’re a great bang for your buck. Pro tip: customize them with your child’s first and last name on the top line and your cell phone number on the bottom line. If anything gets lost, make my words – someone will call you!

2. Reusable Ice Packs + A Sleeve Holder: My kids get hurt a lot. More than the average child, I’m sure. {They are boys, after all!} And these are always a lifesaver to have in the freezer. Because ice packs make every injury better, don’t they?! {FYI – the sleeve is not pictured above but it is included with your purchase}

3. Time Marker Water Bottle: First I got one for me, then I got one for my husband, and then my kids were begging for them! We all have different colors now and we are all obsessed with them. Parent bonus that they are so big, you don’t have to fill it up every 5 seconds for your thirsty kids!

4. The Baby Essential Nail Care Kit: Let’s just say this… we have like 5 of these in my house because they are the best! You don’t need to worry about cutting your kids’ nails too short because it can’t happen with this Baby Frida nail clipper. It’s a game changer! {I even use it on myself too!!!}

5. Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kids: We’ve gone through way too many “okay to wake” kids clocks and this is hands down the best one yet! The red light means it’s time to sleep. The green light means it’s time to wake up. It’s pretty straight forward and very reliable! I love that it has a digital clock and an optional beeping alarm function included too.

6. 14 oz Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated Yeti Mug: Okay, here’s a no brainer mom hack: DRINK ALL THE COFFEE. With that said, KEEP IT HOT with this perfect BPA-free, dishwasher safe mug that comes in a million different colors. YASSSS.

7. Tray with Raised Sides and Easy-Guide Funnel: ALL HOUSEHOLDS WITH KIDS NEED THESE!!!!!!!!! They are multi-functional and do all the things! In our home, they’re used as food trays to keep meal messes at bay, arts ‘n crafts trays to keep the kids’ projects in one space, homework/e-learning trays for a make-shift desk, etc. etc. Basically, we use them for everything and I don’t know what I would do without them! PS they are my most asked about product via story DMs!! {PPS they now come in chic and pretty colors too… click here!}

8. Kitchen Shears with Blade Cover: This baby is on the list because every single child likes their food cut into itty bitty pieces… and as a mom, it’s ANNOYING! Kitchen shears make cutting anything and everything 100 times easier. Knife schmife. These are so much better and do the trick easily for pizza, chicken, meat, vegetables, fruit, french toast, and more!!

9. Thermal PJs: I put these on the list because as a mom, I find it impossible to find good pajamas for my kids. I’ve bought so many and they’re either too thick and hot, too scratchy, or simply put, just not cute. These are the opposite of all those things… they are the softest material, a perfect weight, they wash really well, and come in a million {cute} solid colors! And they can be shipped to your door in two days. They’re a no-brainer buy!!

10. No-Touch Forehead Thermometer: Gone are the days where you have to stick a stick in your child’s tushie {insert laughing emoji here!!} to read his/her temperature! This thermometer has 3 built-in censors for accuracy, 1-second no-touch forehead temp readings, and it’s not only hygienic but safe, too. This particular one has 10,002 customer ratings where the large majority are 5 stars!! Woo!

11. Free + Clear Method Stain Remover: This stuff is pure MAGIC. For real. I’ve been singing it’s prayers for years and use it so much that I’ve reordered this 9 pack too many times to count already. It’s THAT good. And will most certainly get those pesky stains off your kids clothes the first time. Every time. Promise.

12. Faucet Extenders: Your kids can’t reach the faucet? Problem solved!!!! Perfect for small people with short arms and little hands! {Oh! And I heart this stool if you’re wondering + there’s no assembly required!}

13. Universal Waterproof Cellphone Dry Bag Case: I’m a blogger. It’s only natural that I take 5,098 photos of my children an hour {LOL – ok, that mayyyy be an exaggeration} but when we’re at the pool, it kills me that I can’t bring my phone around the water to get the perfect photos of the boys!! Enter this dry bag case… pop your cell into it as it offers complete protection for your device while maintaining full touch screen functionality! Amazon for the win!

14. Home Security Door Lock: Let’s just say I had an SOS situation and needed to get the best childproof door locks on the market asap. THESE ARE THEM. We installed them right at the top of our main doors and keep them closed and locked at all times. I would highly recommend.

Also, it should be noted that I personally own every single one of these items!! And if you look at my Amazon history, they will ALL be there! Plus, many of them have been purchased over and over again because I truly can’t live without them! They’re the epitome of tried and true finds. They actually really do make me a better mom.

THERE, I said it!!!! {And I know they will do the same for you}

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