Without question, I ALWAYS forget to pack SOMETHING I wanted to bring with me on vacay. I actually don’t remember a time when I didn’t forget something. I mean, at this point it’s inevitable {+ comical!!}. And of course, our trip to Mexico was no different!!! I freaking forgot my favorite jean shorts in America… wah wahhh. With that said, I’m an over-packer by nature so don’t you worry – I had other jean shorts with me! And I do have to give myself a little credit because what I packed, I LOVED! Like, lovedddd. Which in turn, made me feel not only cute while I was in this gorgeous tropical paradise but also confident and happy! Basically, the power of that one perfect outfit is like none other!!

So many of you requested that I write a blog post sharing everything that I took with me when we were gone and I’m finally doing it! I do want to be upfront and let you know that while I did buy a ton of new outfits for this trip, a few items are old. I will link what I can, as always!! Feel free to use my lewkssss as Spring Break 2020 inspo for yourself!!

Wore this this number on the plane! A comfortable white t-shirt + black leggings {size up!} never fail me!

Bathing suit shopping has always left me feeling uneasy. I like coverage, what can I say! Well, lucky for me, one-piece suits have been completely on trend for years! Mine above is sold out but THIS one is almost a complete match! I’m also sharing a few others that have that uber-flattering bottom peplum ruffle…. this hot pink one is PERFECTION {+ also comes in other colors too!}, this navy one is GORGEOUS {I think I’m going to get it for Arizona!}, and this one by Kate Spade is on sale + is super SASSY!

Ahhh THIS DRESS. I am seriously obsessed, you guys! It’s flattering, fun, flirty, and screams Vacation Mode ON! Am I right or am I right?! Shop it HERE. PS – it’s currently on sale for 35% off + you can order a second size for free as a backup!! My blush pink sandals are a fan favorite {got lots of DMs about them while I was in Mexico!} and go with EVERYTHING! Shop them here!! They’re on sale!

I was living that romper life too! My accessories aren’t in the pic but I actually paired it with a red crossbody bag {like this one} + my black on black Valentino Jelly Thongs that made the whole look just a little more elevated. The hubs got the sandals for me last year for some occasion we were celebrating {is it terrible that I don’t remember which occasion??} and they are so versatile!! You can wear them to the pool or to the beach but also out at night if you don’t want to wear heels! Their a splurge but definitely worthy! #justsaying

Ahhhh how I LOVE this look! This dress is the best throw on and while I don’t think it’s meant to be worn as a cover-up, it’s on the shorter side so it worked better for me as one. I felt so cool and confident in it! This color is sold out BUT I found it in the prettiest cherry red HERE, a sweet moroccan blue HERE, and in a girly dusty rose color HERE. And can we talk about my rancher hat?! It’s amazing quality and I know I’ll continue to get lots of use out of it!

Plus, check out my beach bag by Bolt Addiction! Use code ADDICTED25 for 25% off the entire site! I literally used this bag the entire trip. It’s fully lined inside and zips up to close! Love!

This might be my most favorite day vacay look yet! I know that I’ve already talked about my black on black Valentino Jelly Thongs and my beach bag by Bolt Addiction {don’t forget to use code ADDICTED25 for 25% off the entire site!} so now let’s chat about everything else!

I’ll start from head to toe: my beach hat is superrrrr old but this one is equally as adorable {and way less expensive, yay!!} The real show-stopper here, though, is my super affordable and CHIC AF leaf cover-up kimono!! OBSESSED!!!!! Coupled with jean shorts + a solid black peplum bathing suit {this is the exact one I’m wearing and just so happens to be on MAJ sale – like, it’s a whopping $20!!!!!} and I felt as cool as I looked!!

Can I tell you a secret? This bathing suit is not only a two piece, but it was an Amazon find for less than $25!! It comes in a million different patterns but the one I got was obviously my favorite! Also, if you’re in the market for more two piece swimsuits that look like a one-piece + have the coverage of a one-piece, I randomly just found this seersucker suit that would be so flattering on any body type!

We stayed at the resort an extra night longer than everyone else {if you can remember, we were there because Isaiah qualified for his work top producer trip!} and this is what I wore on our last night! While I loved being there with his co-workers and his co-workers spouces, it was nice to have the last night to ourselves, celebrating Isaiah’s bday! In a nutshell, a fancy crossbody + a really adorable leopard midi {the one linked is not the exact same as mine but still super cute!} + my splurge-worthy flats = the most effortless date night look everrrr!

Did I mention that I’m also into bathing suits that are off-the-shoulder with ruffles on the top? Not going to lie, I’m sad because I bought the one I’m wearing in the pic right before we left but it’s no longer available online. What the what?? Anyways, I found this one that’s just as cute and only $22 but looks like it would be $100! Woohoo.

Whoa! This post is pretty meaty!! Cheers to all the cute clothes, shoes, and accessories! Double cheers to feeling my best while on vacay and only forgetting one major thing when I packed! LOL.

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