I love my son, I really really do, but we’ve been celebrating his 5th bday for literally a whole entire MONTH! I mean, he deserves it because he’s the best and FIVE is a big deal… but also, a month is a long AF time ???? With that said, this past weekend we ended things with a bang as we celebrated our big 5-year-old Brody boy for the gazillionth time and it was perfect in every way!

Backtracking here, but the birthday celebrations commenced when Isaiah and I were invited to Brody’s classroom in mid-December to sing HBD, read a book to his peers, and have a sweet treat with them. It was so fun!! Boy am I going to miss doing that when he’s in kindergarten next year {cue the tears!!!} Then, we celebrated on his actual bday {December 29th} by taking him and Levi to the Toys ‘R Us Adventure in the morning and that night having family over for pizza and cake! Also fun times!! That brings me to his monster partayyyy including all his best friends from preschool and beyond!

Sharing the deets for this monster bash below:

The party PLACE:

It was at Nickel City Games and let me tell you, they do it SO well! For the first time ever, I didn’t have to bring allllll the party things {balloons, table clothes, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc} and let me tell you, I felt the difference! They also provided pizza so I didn’t have to order that on my own as well as DQ ice cream with sprinkles for all the kids! Can you say amaze?!


Brody decided he wanted to have a monster theme! I didn’t even know he liked monsters but he wasn’t backing down, so okayyyy Brods – your party, your call!! Hahaha.

Thanks to Amazon for the perfect monster HBD signs and decor! {Ok, I did bring a few things ????!!!!}


I could have purchased a few monster bags + all the little monster tchotchke’s {yes, I just used that word lol} but oh no, I make things harder for myself always. Eeeeks, I just can’t help it!! But what I did actually wasn’t THAT difficult… I enlisted my favorite Etsy cookie baker, Andrea {who owns Dainty Cakes by Andrea} to make us monster cookies on sticks! I actually contacted her just a few days prior to the party and she pulled through in making them and getting them to me before party time! Then, via “thanks for coming stickers” that I made, I attached each cookie to a make-your-own monster sticker card – the whole goodie bag came together so perfectly!


Locals listen up!!! I’m giving a huge huge shout-out to Alex at Mariano’s Northbrook for the jaw-dropping monster cupcake CAKE! He is THE MOST talented! I mean, look at that icing {which matched Brody’s bday invitation that I created!} – it’s a work of art!!

What Brody WORE:

Funny story – I bought Brody this UH-dorableeeee monster sweatshirt zip-up on Amazon {by the way, it was only $12!!!} and I totally envisioned him wearing it for the entire party. But, the morning of his big day, he woke up, got dressed HIMSELF {aka picked out his own clothes without consulting mommy} and put on a monster t-shirt {see above!} that’s from so long ago that I forgot he even had it! He woke me up wearing this cute #ootd and he even picked the perfect pants to wear with the t-shirt!!

Well, guess what?? This is what he ended up wearing the whole day. I’m pretty sure he put on the sweatshirt I bought him for a hot second, but it was warm in there so good thing for his monster t-shirt that mommy had nothing to do with!!! Too funny, but also just another example of how grown up my forever babe is all the sudden. Crazy!!

To top it all off, Brods got to spin a wheel in front of all his friends and fam {I put the video in my instapost HERE if you want to go watch!} He won 5,000 extra tickets, took home a red lava lamp {which he keep calling a ???? hahah} and became the happiest birthday boy on the planet!

Overall, the party was a SUCCESS! While I get so much anxiety leading up to these types of events {any other moms out there relate?!}, I love celebrating my people! Xoxo

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