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Tis’ the season for gift guides galore! I have a bunch up my sleeve this year that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks and I thought it would be fitting to start with an AFFORDABLE gift guide for the host{ess} with the most{est}!! Everything I’ve chosen to feature is under $50!! Thanksgiving is THURSDAY which means you have exactly 6 days from today to find the perfect gift for whomever is hosting your turkey dinner! Then you should probably start thinking about all the other holiday parties you’ll be attending because they’re sure to creep up on you! I mean, it’s basically December {insert happy laugh so hard I’m crying emoji here} and I know for a fact that your host or hostess with the mostest would love any of these amazing gifts! Not only are the price points amazing but they are unique and different too! Oh! And if you’re hosting a holiday event, you should probably send this to your guests as soon as possible so they can get it on. Just a thought! Hint hint ;) 

  1. Spreader Set with the most perfect sayings {use for dips, butters, cream cheeses, PB, jelly, basically anything spreadable, of course!!}
  2. Slivered Geode Coastersthere are 8 beautiful stones to choose from. I love the idea of mix and matching them for a versatile and chic look. 
  3. Lightbox with Letter and Number Tiles: display whatever message you so desire!  
  4. USA or State Serving Boards that are sure to be a convo starter! Definitely for the host who takes pride in their hometown. 
  5. Gemstone Wine Stoppers available in Amethyst, Pyrite, Quartz, and Rose Quartz. LOVE!
  6. Pineapple Trivet that’s only $15 but looks like a million bucks! Obsessed. 
  7. Hot Cocoa Kit: practical, festive, and once the person you gift this to is finished drinking their hot chocolate, they can reuse the fun star containers for basically anything else :) 
  8. Host is a modern guide to eating, drinking, and feeding your friends, as the book reads on the cover. Created and written by two of Crate and Barrel design co-founders, this book not only provides recipes but also explains how to be the perfect host!!
  9. This Faux-Fur Wine Bottle Bag is for sure the gift that you give to the host who already has it all! 
  10. These are not your average MUGS. They’re gorgeous, cheery, and perfect for the season. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up and drink your coffee out of these handprinted masterpieces?!
  11. Sugarfina CHEERS Candy Gift Box: includes regular champagne bears, bubbly bears, and baby champagne bears. Ummm, if you were going to gift me this candy box, I’d be cheersing to that! 
  12. House Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers: Besides for the fact that they’re only $5.99, Chip and Joanna Gaines created them. Enough said. 

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Which gift{s} would YOU want?!? Tell me in the comments below!
Would absolutely love love love to know!

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