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So, I meant to have this post go live yesterday but I totes dropped the ball on that. Between Brody only being on one nap now {which means a lot less alone time for mama to write posts} and this ridiculous summer heat, I am all over the place and this blog is taking the bait. Ugh! But thanks for sticking around because the blog is here to stay; I  promise!! I may just not post on the typical Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule that I always have but I’m not going anywhere! Thanks for understanding friends. Love you all!!!!

Anyways, let’s chat about LA! We had SO MUCH FUN while we were there! A little background of the trip for ya: we originally went to celebrate the wedding of one of my very dear childhood friends. The wedding was all weekend long but Isaiah and I decided to head to LaLaLand a little early for some much needed R&R, which was seriously MUCH NEEDED. Wait, did I say it was much needed?!? Because it truly was! We obviously missed the Brodster but it was nice to get away for a bit, too. He was having the time of his life with my in-laws, anyways, so we didn’t feel that bad! They came to Chicago to watch him and we were oh so appreciative of that! And my parents were in LA too for the wedding! They also left last Wednesday and even though we stayed at different hotels, we spent a good majority of our time there with them! Take a look at our trip below through alllll the fun iPhone photos that I took! {And if you follow me on insta, [which I hope you do!!!!], you may have seen a few of these already… BUT the majority will be new to you! don’t you worry!}


We stayed at the London West Hollywood Hotel and it was pure gloriousness. Like, such a perfect hotel for us on this trip. It was actually love at first sight! From the second we walked into the hotel, upon seeing the lobby and speaking to the extremely nice and accommodating staff, we knew it was going to be a good stay. Love the neighborhood it’s located in {there was TONS to do in walking distance} and the room was SO SPACIOUS! The bathroom was actually the size of my master BEDroom at home, I kid you not! OH, and the first photo you saw above – the one with the title of the post on it – well, that was the view from our balcony!! Doesn’t get better! 


I just thought this hallway of the hotel was ridiculously pretty! It was kind of an extension of the lobby but it took you to a salon on the left and the restaurant Boxwood on the right, where we just so happened to eat breakfast every morning! PS they had gluten free bread so I could have toast every morning and that made me like the hotel even better! Ha. If you have an allergy, you get me. 


So after going gaga over the hotel, and before we decided to take a 3-hour nap in our room, we walked the area and found this chic restaurant called Tocaya Organica, which put a healthy spin on Mexican fare. It was SO FREAKING GOOD that we went back the next day with my parents and had it again! We found out that it actually just opened up not too long ago so I suggest if you are ever in the LA West Hollywood area – or there’s one in Venice – to check it out ASAP! I even got the same exact thing both days… pictured above: steak tacos, street corn, and guacamole.


About that guacamole… I don’t think I’ll ever eat it again without adding pomegranate seeds on top.  I didn’t even know I enjoyed pomegranate seeds. But it was GENIUS. And paired with the banana chips. WHOA. Needed to show you guys a close-up because it was THAT DELISH. Are you salivating yet? {ps to the people of Tocoya Organica, open up one of these in Chicago pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!}


Wednesday night we ate at the newest hotspot to hit the LA area, Norah. We were feeling extremely rejuvenated after our long nap and it was just nice to be out together with the two of us!! 


Our favorite dish that we ate that night… their cauliflower popcorn! It was made with rice flour batter, chickpea tahini and hot sauce. Gluten-free for me! Need I say more!! 


Instead of eating dessert at Norah, we opted instead to go to Georgie, which is located in The Montage hotel. I don’t usually feel annoyed or upset when I can’t eat something because of my gluten allergy, but my husband ordered their ice cream sandwich macaroons and boy was I jealous! Usually macaroons are gluten free but these were not. Such a bummer! On the bright side, I saved some calories, I guess =) 


Pool day for me the next morning! Can we talk about this view on top of The London?! So perfect. I actually posted this photo on my instagram and Jen {@stylishlysocial} commented that she once saw a very drunk Queen Latifa there… unfortunately, I had no such luck but it was a cool tidbit!!! 


Then we went to Hollywood Blvd with my parents. Isaiah had never been so it was new and exciting for him! So so so so so many stars to see… not the kind I would have liked to really see, if you know what I mean, but it was fun!


Family selfie on Hollywood Blvd! Aren’t my parents the cutest?! And Isaiah! He’s pretty cute too!!!!


Isaiah and I are SO bad about taking photos wherever we are and I made an extremely conscious effort to take lots of pics of the two of us this time around. Success!!


WHAT I WORE: Denim off-the-shoulder dress {the full dress can be seen in this post!} VERY similar/identical options here, here and here

Oh! We saw Jimmy Kimmel! Our phones needed to be off in the studio but afterwards, we went outside to see a concert with Rage Against the Machine. My parents were truly in their element!! NOT!!! Lol. The songs used all swear words and it was so loud and well, pretty much the opposite of up their alley. Ha. In other news, George Lopez was one of the guests that day and he was laugh-out-loud funny. He absolutely killed it!!!!!


After Jimmy, we went Cecconi’s in WeHo {that’s how the cool kids refer to West Hollywood, by the way!} and it was great. Their avocado hummus was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before! So refreshing, light, and unique! Loved it! Oh and we had the best seats in the house. The people watching here was out of control!


My main meal at Cecconi’s, seen above! Gluten-free pasta with a broccolini and basil puree… heaven!!!!! At least that’s what I thought it was. Yum yum yum yum yum!!!! 

And that’s a wrap on part 1 of our LA trip! Clearly, this vacay so far has been heavily surrounded by food, pool time, more food, and yep, you guessed it, more food! Ha. Don’t judge… we clearly don’t get out much. Instead of a Weekly Wins post tomorrow, I’m going to share part 2 with you all! Get excited!!

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Have you ever been to LA before? What was your favorite part about it?
Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. So much fun! I love LA, one of my favorite spots. The food looks amazing, and so relaxing by the pool! I’ve never thought about adding pomegranate seeds onto gauc, but since I love them both — why not combine them?!

    — Dara // http://www.peoniesandhoneybees.com

    • Dana Ivy says:

      Pom seeds are my new garnish I decided!! I just bought some at the grocery store and I honestly never knew I liked them in my life! LA is the best!! Xox

  2. Deena Simair says:

    Looks like an awesome time. I need to visit LA sometime.

  3. This looks like it was such a good trip! That hotel especially is making me crave a vacation. Love it!

  4. So glad to hear that you had a lovely time in LA, and all the food just looks so so yummy! Especially the macaroons haha! Xx


  5. Jessica Jade says:

    I’m so jealous!! You always do the most fun things!! Loved reading this ❤️❤️

  6. […] recapping our LA trip! Yesterday, I told you all about the first part of our vacay {if missed, read it first here!} and today I bring you the second part, including my friend Marissa’s rehearsal dinner, […]

  7. Lily Ayala says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast!! So jealous….I love Cali!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

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