California Vacay Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie!!

True story guys: Lisa Vanderpump is my bestie.California Vacation Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie! - via

Wellllll, maybe not my bestie bestie but we met on the last day of mine and Isaiah’s Cali trip and let’s just say I am still on cloud 9.  I know you all want me to get straight to the racy details so knowing you’re all on pins and needles with excitement over hearing this story, I will do just that…

First I’ll start by saying that we met at one of her restaurants, Villa Blanca, right after Isaiah and I ate there for lunch (which by the way, was totally unplanned and spontaneous).  Never did I EVER imagine that we’d see Lisa, or Giggy, or Ken – and even when Isaiah first spotted Ken, I still never thought that Lisa would show up.  Like, that didn’t even cross my mind.  He was there with Max, their son, and sitting at a two person table so I just thought it was a casual lunch for the two of them. FALSE!

California Vacation Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie! - via

Right as Isaiah and I were paying the check and were about to get up and leave, Lisa comes marching in confidently with Giggy on her arm but she also seemed to be slightly frazzled.  I almost died!  Like, theee Lisa Vanderpump was dressed to the nines in a tight little LBD, a full face of makeup and perfectly coiled hair standing tall in mile-high high heels not even 2 feet in front of me. Um, can you say HEART.POUNDING.

California Vacation Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie! - via

Naturally, I decided to go up to her only because it was the most perfect timing everr.  We were leaving, she had just arrived and was still standing, and as I realized this, I also knew that this was my chance… my opportunity to speak to my fave housewife.   So to make a long story short, all I had hoped to do was say hi.  Really, that would have completely satisfied me like no other, but to say that what I got was 10 times better would be the understatement of the year!

The next thing I knew a very exhilarating 15 minutes had passed, and Lisa and I were just chatting it up like we’ve known each other for the past 20 years. The things she was telling me, dahhhlinggggg, were ca-ray-zee and I’m still wondering why she felt so comfortable enough to divulge such breaking information to a random girl from Chicago.  But I was beyond delighted to take on that role and let’s just say she might have been the funniest and nicest celebrity that I’ve ever met. And you can ask my family and friends, I’ve met a lot of celebrities in my day.

Now, I don’t feel that it’s right to reveal every detail of what Lisa and I gossiped about (let’s just say it’s not all PG) but of course I’ll give you some MAJOR highlights:

  • She kept calling me “dahhhhhhlinggggg” in her oh-so-lovely accent.
  • She asked me if I watched both of her shows (RHOBH & Vanderpump Rules) numerous times. (Minor lapse in memory, I suppose?)
  • She introduced me to Ken and Max. [GASP!] And wanted to introduce Isaiah and I to her son-in-law Jason because he’s from Indiana but he wasn’t there yet.
  • She was oooing and ahhhing over Giggy and his outfit that day.  It was pretty adorable if I do say so myself, then I pet Giggy’s paw (#awesome).
  • She told me that the reason she was frazzled was because of TMZ, who had followed her up to Villa Blanca taking paparazzi photos of her and asking her about a certain someone on Pump Rules.
  • Okay I’ll tell you this: they were talking about Stassi.
  • Apparently Stassi did something “stupid” and even though Lisa shared allllll the details with me dahhhhlinggg, I’ll keep that part of the convo to myself :)
  • She proceeded to tell me that the news would be on TMZ in 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, I checked all that day and now it’s 2 weeks later, and I have yet to hear anything more about it.
  • When I asked if Stassi moved to New York, she confirmed that it was true and disclosed that “she’s so over the show” in her classy English accent.
  • I guess Lisa was supposed to be a guest on The Steve Harvey Show, which is taped in Chicago, and was supposed to fly to the Chi on that Wednesday (two days later), but instead decided that she “was just too busy in LA with all these restaurants”. #truestory
  • She divulged that by the end of the RHOBH season, nobody likes her.  When I asked her why, she hesitated a bit showing me a drawn-out smile and uncertainty in her voice.  Eventually, she let me in by saying it has to do with Dancing with the Stars.
  • After that portion of the convo, she said in her classy accent this statement verbatim “Oh I don’t care, they’re all nuts anyways!”

Let’s just say that Lisa Vanderpump (yes, I like saying her first and last name in tandem) 100% carried the conversation. Mostly because Isaiah and I had to race out of there since we had a flight home to catch in just a few short hours, but she definitely was the dominant one in our dialogue.  In the end, I asked her for a picture, of which she totally obliged, and as we were leaving, I casually mentioned that we had just eaten lunch at Villa Blanca and it was excellent.  Welp, then she asked us what we ate! I mean, this was a lady who liked to talk – and I loved every second of our gabfest (do people use that word ever? It just seamed to fit in as I’m writing this).  I seriously left feeling like we were besties since birth.

California Vacation Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie! - via

And now I totally understand how the Sur cast of young (extremely dramatic) adults are so close with her. She is super easy to talk to! The one thing that I didn’t tell Lisa was that we had gone to SUR the night before for dinner… ummm I didn’t want to look like the crazy fan that I obviously am.

California Vacation Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie! - via

Speaking of SUR, did anyone watch the finale this week? OH.MY.GD.  So so so many things to say but honestly, not enough time so I’m not even going to get into it.  What I will say though is that while at the restaurant, Tom Sandoval made my friend and I really great drinks and we spoke to him for a bit.  I’m happy I saw him pre-the-aired-finale-episode because I’m not going to lie, after watching on Monday night, I’ve completely lost all respect for him and think he’s absolutely pathetic.  With that being said, he was nice enough in person.  On the other hand, Peter was not nice at all but we did snap a quick pic together too :)

California Vacation Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie! - via

None of the other key players in the show were there from the cast but all of us who were eating dinner at the restaurant had such a fun night continuing the celebration of Isaiah and Erik’s 30th bdays with 17 of our friends!  We sat in “the garden” – right where the most recent RHOBH angry dinner party took place, so that was cool being able to put it all into perspective.  If you’re wondering about the food, it was actually fantastic!  And I have to say that the service was pretty damn good as well. This was seriously a weekend to remember.  And obviously one that I will NEVER forget!!

California Vacation Part 2: Lisa Vanderpump is my Bestie! - via

Crazy, right?! Would love to hear your comments!

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  1. Blake says:

    This is all so crazy! I still can’t get over it! I would die to meet Lisa Vanderpump #sojelly

  2. Jill says:

    I’m laughing out loud…. Especially the part about being besties since birth! She definitely sounds like the nicest celeb you ever met!

  3. Amelda says:

    I love reading your blog. Its so fun and upbeat. And I am in it now… Thanks to Tom. That was an amazing weekend and I have ten pairs of shoes to remember it by.

  4. Patrice says:

    So jealous! Lisa is by far my favorite housewife as well. I can’t wait to see what comes out on the Vanderpump Rules reunion tonite.

    • Dana Ivy says:

      Same! I dvred and am just about to watch. Sh*ts about to get real and I can’t wait. Haha I take my reality very seriously obviously… So glad it’s a 2-parter =)

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