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This is Brodys first day of camp pic last summer!! So little, so excited, so sweet!

It’s April 30th, 2020. Most of us have been quarantined at home for almost 50 days now. I know for me, day 1 was March 12th. I literally haven’t left my house {aside from car rides and walks} since I went to the grocery store that night. And while it hasn’t been easy {trust me, I’ve cried more than I can count!!}, it’s what has to be done. Because the Coronavirus and COVID-19 are here to stay unless we do our part in the world. And our part is TO STAY HOME.

Nobody wants to quarantine – heck no!!! Though, if you look at the countries that are now opening back up, it’s because their governments have completely shut down all aspects of life outside of their occupants’ homes. It’s because the citizens LISTENED to the stay-at-home order. It’s because everyone understood that if you left your house, you would not only be potentially endangering yourself but anyone you come into contact with as well. We need to take a cue from these countries, stay home like they did, and our world will get to a much more “normal” place a LOT faster!


I know, I know, the weather is warming up and it’s getting more and more difficult to social distance from the people we love, our neighbors, and good friends. BUT we gotta do it!!!!

It will save lives + flatten the curve + MAYBE, POSSIBLY, HOPEFULLY allow our kids to still have a chance at going to their beloved camps!!!!

STAY HOME FOR THE SAKE OF CAMP! Huge thank you to Banner Day Camp for providing daily activities for the kids - sharing more in the post! Come read!

We are most definitely living in an unprecedented time. People are hospitalized and many are getting their lives cut short because of COVID-19. My heart aches when I hear these stories. And, even worse, knowing nobody is invincible. It’s a horrible feeling. I feel incredibly fortunate for my family’s health and happiness. With that said, there is one thing that I can’t stop thinking about and I don’t think there is any mama on the planet who isn’t wondering about it too…

THAT IS: What would summertime be like WITHOUT CAMP?! Specifically, what would summer be like without the one and only Banner Day Camp!!! Ugh, get these thoughts out of my head!!!


I’m hopeful!!!! But we all have to do our part!!! Hear me out! Camp isn’t supposed to start until mid-June. While I’m anything but naive to the fact that our world is not going to look even close to how it did pre-corona for a very very long time, there’s still a chance Banner Day Camp will happen. Mid-June is still 6 weeks away!! Things can drastically change in 6 weeks!! But we have to do our part…

And that is to STAY HOME!!!

I say this a million times not because I want my kids out of the house but because Banner Day Camp is the most magical place on earth!!!! It would be so sad and frustrating and what’s more, heartbreaking, for all the kids if they didn’t get to go. Thankfully, I was happy to hear that Banner is planning for the best case scenario of running camp like normal + they are thinking about a bunch of different options and back-up plans as well. They are really on top of this and I love them for that.

I also love how Banner has handled being in quarantine.

It is clear that Stacy, owner + executive director, and Howard, executive director, have truly went above and beyond. They have provided DAILY activities for the children to participate in virtually, like cooking classes, sports tutorials, story times, TikTok dances and meditation, to name a few, all hosted by camp counselors, unit heads and staff members. They have done Zoom Banneramas {OMG SO FUN!!!} and created a whole-staff video that was so uplifting it made Brody and I smile from ear to ear watching it. They have really stepped up to the plate during this time and my family couldn’t be more grateful!

You can check out all their live videos which have been posted on their social media pages. To see them via Instagram, click HERE. To watch them via Facebook, click HERE. They do not disappoint and I am wowed that they are keeping up with them daily!

I also think it’s awesome that Banner has made an effort to connect their quarantine activity videos to their STARFISH Goal of the Week Program. And how every week, they have come up with a new weekly AT HOME Starfish Goal Challenge. If you aren’t familiar, STARFISH goals help campers develop important “value skills”. They teach campers that through their actions, they can make a positive difference. 

STARFISH stands for:

I Believe in myself

Basically, Banner Day Camp is simply the best. And I am praying and hoping and crossing my fingers daily that everyone continues to stay home over the next 30 days {or until the stay-at-home order is lifted} so lives are saved and camp can carry on as we all hope it does!!!!!! I’m going to say it one last time – STAY HOME FOR THE SAKE OF CAMP! Stay home for the sake of our kids! Stay home to save lives!!!

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PPS if you have any questions at all for Banner, contact them! Banner Day Camp is located at 1225 Riverwoods Rd in Lake Forest, IL. 60045.

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