As a parent, Valentine’s Day takes on a wholeeeee new meaning! It’s basically half as romantic as it used to be, with a whole lot more chocolate and candy at your fingertips! Ha. With that said, it’s also a million times more fun because of those little Valentine’s in your life – aka your kiddies! We all know they make everything better, so it’s only natural we spoil them rotten with a small gift or two. Why not, right?! You only live once, make it SWEET! Take a look at the toddler and kid gifts below!

Shop The Valentine’s Day Gifts:

  1. Cupcake Mania Play-Doh Baking Station | Do you have a child who loves play-doh? A child who loves cupcakes? This is a perfect hybrid and is calling his/her name!!!
  2. The Shrinky Dinks Book | Draw or trace a design, color it, cut it out, bake it for a few minutes and OMG your creation shrinks to 44% of its original size! These were my fave as a kid, and will sure to be your children’s fave too!!!!
  3. One Love By: Cedella Marley | Written by the oldest child of Bob Marley, and based on his most famous song, One Love is sure to spark JOY in your child’s life!
  4. Stained Glass Kit | This rainbow and heart activity kit is the perfect rainy day activity for your little artist!
  5. Sequined Heart Stuffy | One side is soft and fluffy and the other is sequined and adorable. I heart it!
  6. Who Loves _____? Personalized Book | Your child will love reading it because it’s about him or her! A cherished book to have forever!
  7. Baking Kit with Recipe Cards | How cuuuuute is this?! It would make for the sweetest first baking set that your child will love taking ownership of!
  8. DIY Kid’s Bath Fizzie Making Kit | OMG!!!!!!! Create your own bath fizzies in heart shaped molds is literally Valentine’s Day fun for everyone!
  9. In My Heart by Jo Witek | A sweet book about feelings that is sure to help your child identify his/her emotions.
  10. Dessert Bath Bombs | These are as nourishing as they are adorable! They’re handmade, rich in Vitamins A, E and F, and are so moisturizing that you’re probably going want to steal one for yourself!
  11. A New Water Bottle | Thermos water bottles are durable, leak-free and insulate your drinks like a boss. They come in 31 {!!!!} different designs, too. Enough said!!
  12. Heart Eyes Emoji Bean Bag | This is only $34.99 and is sure to make a BIG impact on your little Valentine!

Alllll the heart eye emojis for this adorable Valentine’s Day gift guide for toddlers and big kids alike! I loved putting this one together and could see my boys loving every single one of these presents for themselves! With that said, if you’re looking for more ideas, feel free to check out my Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers and Teenagers. And if you missed my Valentine’s Day gift guide for the MEN and WOMEN in your life, click HERE to read!! So much yes!

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